University Union wants you to join a board!  We are seeking motivated students that are organized, creative, proactive, and team-oriented.  Applicants must demonstrate a commitment to our organization and events. 

We are now accepting applications for our Fall 2018 E-Boards! Applications must include a resume and cover letter. Please be sure to attach any supplemental materials if the position calls for it. All applications are due no later than Sunday, April 29th at 8PM to

Please state which boards and positions you are applying to in the body of your email. You are allowed to apply for multiple boards, and multiple positions within a certain board also. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to the UU Vice President, Sam, at


Performing Arts

Research Assistant (1)

In charge of researching information about potential acts for upcoming shows. Creates and executes surveys at PA shows.

Production Coordinator (2)

Works alongside the PA directors to make sure pre-production and day of show production run smoothly.

Marketing Liaison (1)

Serves as the PA board representative to the Marketing and Social Media Boards. Responsible for helping to generate physical and social media ideas for each performing arts show, and ensuring these events are well promoted. Works with marketing board to handle all day-of-show promotional activities.



Film Series Coordinator (2-3)

In charge of all cinemas logistics. This includes regulating who downloads the digital movies to the projector, who organizes all of the screenings for each day, and making sure that the movies are sent out on time.

Marketing Liaison (1)

Work closely with the marketing board, making sure that all of the screenings are being advertised consistently through social media and ListServs throughout campus. Makes sure that all cinemas posters have been placed in key areas and that the kiosks have been updated with new events. Also carries the responsibility to update OrgSync each week with the weekly screening titles.

Publicity & Outreach (1)

Maintains contact with studios about advanced screenings. Builds partnerships with other clubs for further promotion of weekly screenings. Keeps Cinemas’ events in the eyes of the public.



Administrative Assistant (1)

Responsible for handling inventory of UU merchandise as well as working with Marketing Director to restock. In charge of receiving event poster from Design team and printing posters and handbills. Also responsible for coordinating flyering parties within full organization and constantly upkeep of flyering location on campus.

Internal Outreach (1)

In house position responsible for research and compiling artist and event information including photos, biographies, credible links for promotional materials on social media/ physical marketing. Works closely with the Marketing Liaison, asking for updates after other board meetings. Assist in developing and editing marketing plans based on brainstorm ideas within marketing meetings.

Surrounding College Outreach (1)

In charge of compiling information of neighboring colleges’ programming boards for weekly marketing meeting reports. Research college programming on national level, which artists/events other programming boards are bring, how they are marketing, announcing, and promoting events. Assist Marketing Directors when needed.

SU/ESF Outreach (1)

Work closely with Collaborations and Public Relations board to reach out to SU clubs and organizations for marketing/promotional materials and events. Responsible for contacting ESF and implementing marketing outreach to ESF campus. Update google sheet with ESF marketing locations including price, where, how, and contact information

Syracuse Community Outreach (1)

Responsible for reaching out to local Syracuse community to market events. In charge of updating google sheet with local businesses in downtown, Westcott, Destiny, etc. that allow us to hang posters, as well as price, how, where, and contact info.


Social Media

Social Media Team (4)

As a member of the social media board, you will be responsible for creating and managing posts on a specific social media platform (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat). You will also be working closely with the physical marketing board to promote all of UU’s events physically, as well as digitally.

This board requires creativity, as well as good time management skills. You must be able to do things such as brainstorm contest ideas, be available for event announces, think of innovative marketing techniques, and be available for physical marketing pushes such as off-campus flying.


Public Relations

Assistant (1)

The assistant acts as the liaison between the PR Director and the press. They are in charge of coordinating press pass requests to be approved by the PR Director and artist management, as well as assisting the PR Director day-of- show with escorting photographers to and from the pit.

Blog Editor (1)

The blog editor covers most UU events for the blog, edits pieces by UU staff writers, and posts them to the University Union Blog. This position works closely with the PR Director to consistently try to produce our own internal press, rather than solely relying on on-campus publications. The Blog Editor also assists the PR Director with any long-term projects she/he may have for the semester, as well as assisting the PR Director and Assistant with press day-of- show.

Assistant Blog Coordinator (2-4)

The assistant to the Blog Editor will contribute to the University Union blog through writing their own pieces, editing pieces, and interviewing artists day of show (DOS). The assistant will also help the Blog Editor with any long-term projects.

On Campus Outreach/Alumni Director (1)

The On Campus Outreach/Alumni Director acts as the point person for alumni-related projects including the Alumni Newsletter we send out to a growing database of University Union alumni who are now actively working in the entertainment industry. They are also responsible for personally contacting leaders of on campus organizations about University Union events and fostering relationships with these organizations.




Marketing Liaison (1)

This position is designed to work with both the Marketing Board and the Collaboration board. In order to achieve this, the Collaborations Marketing Liaison will be expected to attend both board meetings. Due to the Collaboration Board enhancing both Juice Jam and Mayfest’s overall experience, (silent disco, activations, sponsors) it is important to integrate these components in the marketing plan.

Silent Disco Specialist (1)

This position is designed to research the latest trends for all things Silent Disco. In addition, this position will be in charge of creating all contest content for selecting a Silent Disco DJ(s) and help choose the DJ(s) for Mayfest.

Inner Organization Liaison (1)

This position is designed to be the connecting point between various boards within University Union. Establishing and maintaining mutual understanding, communication, and cooperation between each board. Whether that entails collaborating or creating innovative enhancements for specific events for each board throughout the organization.

Student Organization Liaison (1)

This position is designed to create a working relationship between University Union and other Syracuse University student organizations. The goal of this position is to create a new collaboration each month in order for University Union to be involved with students as much as possible. In the past, UU has collaborated with: Universal Music Group, Upsilon Lambda Upsilon, and Phi Beta Sigma to create a ‘Syracuse Culture’ playlist for Spotify.

Research Specialist (Technology)

This position is designed to research and explore the latest technology trends for various events and evaluate them in terms of enhancements. Research includes but is not limited to, tracking up and coming tech trends other universities are using; or trends that have newly been released within the tech world.

Research Specialist (Entertainment)

This position is designed to research and explore the latest trends in entertainment for various events and evaluate them in terms of enhancements. Research includes but is not limited to, what has been included at large scale music festivals as well as other university events, fashion, television, and sponsorships. The next step will be relating it to how we can incorporate these trends into our organization’s events.



  • In addition to the standard requirements of submitting a resume and cover letter, design applicants must also submit a design/art portfolio OR sample of work, along with the following:

  • Pull together a small collection of designs you are inspired by (like a Pinterest board) to better understand what kind of design you are interested in.

  • Design 1-3 theoretical concert or event posters for an artist/band you like. *not necessary if you have an extensive design portfolio*

Art Director (1)

Shadow Design Director and assist in creating and editing project briefs. Edit Production work before passing on to Creative Director. Working knowledge of Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign are a must.

Production Designers (1-3)

Produce graphic work as instructed by the design director. Work under strict deadlines. Working knowledge of Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign are a must.



Research Director (1)

Researches trends around campus and determines what to put on the student survey we use for feedback. Creates weekly research report for the Concerts Board that highlights buzzing artists, industry news, recent releases, and the like so ensure all members are up-to-date on current events. They conduct market research at concerts, and host general student body focus groups to gain more knowledge about potential artists to bring to campus. The Research Director holds a leadership role in which they are responsible for overseeing work of research members and making sure all tasks are completed efficiently.

Research Team (3)

Conducts research on new campus opportunities and industry trends that are presented in a weekly report to the board. Responsibilities include identifying emerging artists, reporting on new/upcoming releases, conducting in-show research, and contributing to the artist list for the annual survey.

Administrative Assistant (1)

Takes minutes during weekly e-board meetings and facilitates updates via listserv to e-board. The admin assists with secretarial tasks for Bandersnatch Directors, Mayfest Directors, and Concert Directors.

Marketing/Creative Liaison (1)

Serves as the Concerts Board representative to the UU Marketing Board to ensure that all concert events are well promoted and publicized. Collaborates with the UU Production and Design Boards on creative direction and promotion. Responsibilities include projecting and tracking ticket sales against marketing efforts and assisting with creative input of marketing plans for internal use. Must be able to attend both weekly Concerts meeting and weekly Marketing meeting.

Bandersnatch Directors (2)

**Must have prior University Union e-board experience to apply.**

The Bandersnatch Directors are in charge of booking, organizing and executing small-scale concerts held in the Goldstein Auditorium. They are responsible for researching emerging artists that'd be well received by the student body, contacting agents, negotiating a price and date, coordinating promotion and production, organizing day-of-show logistics, and more.



  • In addition to the standard requirements of submitting a resume and cover letter, production applicants must also submit a portfolio of clips/stills that show your experience. (Live music/event shots encouraged)

Photographer/Videographer (2)

Responsible for shooting University Union events, shooting recap, promotional and announce videos, helping in the editing process. These positions must keep the UU voice and brand prevalent in all forms of content.

Video Editor (1)

Create content that illustrates UU as an organization and help promote the shows and events by editing promotional, announce, and recap videos.

Web Editor (1)

Keep the website up to date with all UU content, upcoming events, past events, galleries, video etc. Archive the UU content in an organized efficient way to help the organization.