About Us:

University Union, or “UU” as we fondly call ourselves, is the official programming board of Syracuse University. We are entirely run by a team of dedicated students and are one of the largest registered student organizations here at SU in terms of budget, membership, and size and frequency of our events. We host large scale concert events including our annual Juice Jam festival in September and Mayfest and Block Party in April. Additionally, we keep campus entertained throughout the year with our smaller Bandersnatch Concert Series, weekly cinemas screenings, special advanced screening, and events featuring popular comedians and speakers.

UU has served as the primary source of large-scale entertainment on the Syracuse campus ever since our establishment in 1962. We are dedicated to providing diverse and comprehensive programming that appeals to all members of our community. Although we are entirely student-run, we can still stay in touch. Between classes, part-time jobs, and our favorite extracurriculars, we are working hard to stay on top of our daily dose of emails. Reach out, we don’t bite!