University Union Spoke with Brittany Schreiber-Bosner; Music Booker for the TODAY Show


University Union Spoke with Brittany Schreiber-Bosner; Music Booker for the TODAY Show

I’m sure everyone here has watched the TODAY Show at some point or another, or maybe you’ve been lucky enough to go to a concert at the famous Rockefeller Plaza. University Union had the pleasure of talking with Brittany Schreiber- Bosner; the Music Booker for the TODAY Show. Brittany is responsible for the concerts we love to wake up early for before the NBC news we grew up watching. As if that wasn’t cool enough, she was listed on Billboard’s Power 100 list of the Most Influential Women in music. The icing on the cake? Brittany is an alumni of Syracuse University and was more than willing to share the story of her career, and how Syracuse helped her get there.

Brittany Schreiber at the Billboard Women in Music Awards   Click here!

Brittany Schreiber at the Billboard Women in Music Awards

Click here!

What year did you graduate and what was your major at Syracuse?

B: I graduated in 2009 and I was a Television Radio and Film major from Newhouse with a dual in Psychology.

Was there a specific class that stood out to you during your time at Syracuse?

B: I remember I loved my Pop culture TV class with Robert Thompson.

What was the most beneficial/ influential part of going to Syracuse regarding your career path?

B: I think the opportunities that I was presented with for internships and connections post-college was one of the most significant benefits. I utilized the different programs at Newhouse to intern at the Beijing Olympics. This brought me a lot of connections at NBC which brought me to the NBC Page program.

What was some of your experience before you started working at the TODAY show?

B: I was an intern at the Beijing Olympics for NBC sports and I was an NBC page. With the Page Program you really get to know how all of NBC works and get sort of an overview of the company. When I was a page, I not only worked audience for the different shows, but I also got to be a page for the TODAY show, SNL, and Andy Cohen’s assistant at Bravo.

What is your day to day like? What is the most exciting part of the day?

B: The day to day depends, but the majority of the day is spent on the phone or on my email getting different pitches from record labels, publicists and managers. I also work on the future bookings we have on the show, and figuring things out like; what songs different artists want to sing, the production of the segment and passing those along to the producers. Then in the morning, I’m usually in studio if there is music on the show.

The most exciting part of my day is the Summer Concert Series. During the summer we do the big concerts on the plaza where we fill it with fans, and we have a lot of different artists. Usually these artists are out on tour or have albums they're releasing, so I really look forward to those. Even though sound check can be early, nothing quite compares to live music at 6:30 on a summer Friday. So that’s definitely one of my favorite parts of my job.

What is the best/ most rewarding part of your job?

B: I think at the TODAY show, it’s important to remember that we’re also booking for the viewers. When you see viewers come from somewhere far, and make it their summer destination to come to the TODAY Show plaza, which I think is iconic and I visited as a kid, and to be able to see those fans be able to come and see a free concert, and sometimes get to meet some of the artists is one of the most rewarding things to me. Just seeing it pay off to the viewers.

What is the most challenging part of your job?

B: The most challenging part is that we obviously always want the biggest names in the music industry and some of those people aren’t going to wake up and do morning tv. So, when we can convince or book somebody to come and do morning tv, when we didn’t think they were going to, that can be challenging, but exciting.

What do you recommend for someone wanting to go into your field of work or the music industry in general?

B: I think that internships and connections are really important and especially maintaining those connections. You just never know when someone is going to present you with an opportunity and that’s a lot of how I ended up where I am. Just following up with those people and not being afraid to take the business card and check in with them when you’re In the area, even when you feel like there’s nothing new for you to say. Using the Syracuse network is really important. Every day at NBC there’s a joke that you were either a page or you went to Syracuse. I think that those connections help you in a lot of different ways. The Syracuse name stands for itself.

Music and entertainment are competitive industries to break in to. Do you have any advice for Students looking to follow this career path, based on your experience?

B: I got into my job through production, and I didn’t really know about booking until I got to NBC and saw that we have a whole booking department. When the music booking job opened I decided to explore that. I really feel like I work for the TODAY Show first, and then I sort of learned about the music industry and booking through that. Now I’ve learned so much more about how labels work and how managers work and how the whole industry functions and what they’re looking for from a booking standpoint. It’s not very interesting to learn, but the label and management world is definitely the way to go to get into music.

Was there ever a time where you took a risk professionally? If so, what was the outcome?

B: I definitely took a big risk by taking on the music booking job. I was producing at the show, and this was a different department, and I didn’t know exactly what it entailed. It was definitely a risk that I’m glad I took, and I have now been the music booker for 3 and a half years. I love it and love the people that I have met, as well as working parallel with the music industry to be able to book people on the show.

What is a moment or event that you’re most proud of in your career?

B: Two weeks ago, on October 11 it was the International Day of the Girl, and Mrs. Obama announced a big girls initiative on the Today Show. We booked Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson, and Meaghan Trainor to perform. It’s always been a dream of mine to have multiple artists perform on the plaza on one day and share a stage. They all did individual songs but it was part of one larger concert, and it felt like we were giving back to a cool new initiative. That was definitely a moment that felt like something new and different and that we had achieved something really outstanding.

Find out a little bit more about Brittany!

Thank you Brittany, for sharing your career journey as well as your passion for music with your Orange family!

Interviewed by Rachel Simon

By Rachel Simon


Bohemian Rhapsody- The Only Thing More Extraordinary Than Their Music is His Story


Bohemian Rhapsody- The Only Thing More Extraordinary Than Their Music is His Story

This past October, Queen came back to the stage in a whole new way. Or maybe not so new? Rami Malek portrayed the late Freddie Mercury in the Queen biopic; Bohemian Rhapsody. The moment this movie trailer surfaced, people went crazy. And it makes perfect sense. Queen has given us music that we all love and has made us all feel like champions. Songs like Under Pressure, We Will Rock You, Love of My Life, Radio Ga-Ga and more are featured in the film, so it’s almost impossible not to sing along.

The movie was described to me as a “spiritual experience” and to be honest, I wholeheartedly agree. Bohemian Rhapsody portrayed the life of Freddie Mercury and how a group of misfits, became what we know as Queen. Emotions were high during this movie. It made me laugh, cry, and cheer. Sometimes simultaneously. The movie touched on aspects of Freddie’s life that we may not have been aware of. The legendary lead singer of the band had a unique and outrageous stage presence, while being humble and unafraid to speak his mind off stage. Being able to watch the man who referred to himself as a “musical prostitute” take on the stage once again was truly an experience that people felt joy in seeing again. For those of us that missed the era of Freddie Mercury, this film finally gave us the chance to see the legend in action, as well as appreciate the music our parents grew up listening to.


The film tells the band’s story up until their 1985 Live Aid performance at Wembley stadium. The twenty minute set has gone down in history as the greatest rock performance of all time and the film reshot the entire performance. Malek’s every movement was so spot on that it’s hard to believe it’s not Freddie. Freddie had so much control over his audience that with just one “Ay-Oh” the crowd was in a trance.

Click here: The original Live Aid performance alongside the movie reenactment

Bohemian Rhapsody is definitely a must see movie this year. You will be instantly brought back to the era of some of the best rock music ever heard and the best stage performers ever seen. Celebrate Freddie’s memory and the rock band that is Queen, for an experience unlike any other.

By Rachel Simon


The Best of Celebrity Holiday Music


The Best of Celebrity Holiday Music

The holidays are coming! Bringing cheer, joy and a bunch of celebrity Christmas albums. Here are some bops to keep you feeling jolly this holiday season!

Ariana Grande//

Ariana is blowing up the world right now with “thank u, next,” but who can forget her iconic Christmas EPs “Christmas Kisses” and “Christmas & Chill?” Ariana put her own twist on a few classics and some new originals. Both albums are filled with songs to put you right in the holiday spirit! Jump start your listening with “Santa Tell Me” below!

Tyler, the Creator//

In a surprising twist of events, Tyler, the Creator paired up with Dr. Seuss’s The Grinch to release a six-song EP titled, “Music Inspired by Illumination & Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch.” Check out his new original song “I Am The Grinch” below!

Taylor Swift//

Lurking in the depths of my iTunes library is Taylor Swift’s 2007 “The Taylor Swift Holiday Collection.” The album features old-time classics like “Santa Baby” and “Silent Night” performed with Swift’s old signature country twang.


A staple of the holiday season, Pentatonix has released their third Christmas album “Christmas is Here!” It features covers of classic songs like “Here Comes Santa Claus,” as well as a few more contemporary songs like “Making Christmas” from “The Nightmare Before Christmas” and “Sweater Weather” by The Neighbourhood.

John Legend//

With a voice smoother than hot chocolate, John Legend’s “A Legendary Christmas” is sure to put you in the holiday spirit.

David Archuleta//

The man behind everyone’s most played song in middle school “Crush” is back with his second Christmas album! “Winter in the Air” is a combination of classic holiday favorites and festive originals. Check out “Christmas Every Day” below!

Jessie J//

A newcomer to the holiday music scene, “This Christmas Day” is Jessie J’s first Christmas album. It features collaborations with artists Boyz II Men and Babyface. Check out the title track, “This Christmas Day!”

Justin Bieber//

You knew this one was coming. “Under the Mistletoe” remains one of the most iconic celebrity Christmas albums of all time. When you listen to “Mistletoe,” you can’t help but smile and be cheery. Enjoy this throwback below!

Mariah Carey//

Last, but certainly not least, every college student’s favorite holiday party song! Whether you’re a normal or extra festive kind of person, the holidays would not be complete without “All I Want For Christmas Is You.”

Happy Holidays from University Union!


LANY Album Review


LANY Album Review

Forget about the snow for a while and have LANY transport you to California in their new album “Malibu Nights.”

LANY is an indie pop trio from Los Angeles consisting of Paul Jason Klein, Charles Leslie "Les" Priest and Jake Clifford Goss. The band’s name is an acronym of their two homes, Los Angeles and New York, aka LANY. Their sophomore album “Malibu Nights” was inspired by lead singer Klein’s split from Dua Lipa, which he called the worst heartbreak of this life. See what we had to say about it below!


“Thick and Thin” is a slow jam about a lover who leaves you after a small mistake, going back on their promise to stay through thick and thin. It’s an extremely relatable song and its catchy beat will have you putting it on repeat.


This song is a gentle plea to a significant other to take you back after a breakup. Klein croons “If I could, know I would try / Tell me now, tell me how / To change your mind.” The song grabs you in and makes you feel his emotions.


This song’s upbeat melody, and surprising horn part, is contrasted with Klein’s request that, if you see her, to tell her that he needs her and still loves her. He acknowledges that he’s not perfect, and neither was she, but they were perfect together.


Once you start listening to this song, you won’t be able to stop. The beat is infectious and its lyric structure is perfect. You can’t help but bop along to it. This song is a turning point in the album; he realizes that she’s not coming back and he finally wants to be done with her and their relationship.

(But if you feel like crying, check out a live acoustic version of the song below.)


This song is more relaxed, with a simple trance like vibe. Klein expresses his confusion over her leaving, “I can't understand the reasons why you say you're leaving / 'Cause you were so in love with me yesterday.” He wants to know if there’s anything he can do to fix their relationship because, even after everything, he’s still in love with her.


“Run” stands out from the rest of the album musically and lyrically. It’s a more edgy song in which Klein expresses his strong feelings about his now ex-girlfriend talking to her ex again. He encourages her to run back to the very person she was running away from, as long as she doesn’t hit him up after.


The title of this song is deceiving, because there’s nothing loving about it. It’s a story of trying to move on with someone else, even though he knows that his new girl isn’t as good as his ex. He sings, “I pray you're not / The best that I will ever get.”


“Thru These Tears” is a beautiful and brutally honest song about the reality of a breakup. Looking towards the future, he knows he’ll be alright, but right now he can’t even see through his tears. It’s a perfect summary of the complicated end of a relationship, and my favorite song on the album.


The lyrics for this song seem like they were taken straight out a diary. It’s an extremely personal song that focuses more on Klein than his relationship, and a fitting choice to title the entire album as well. He talks about his inner struggles as well as dependence on alcohol. He lays everything on the table, with lines like, “I got way too much time to be this hurt / Somebody help, it's getting worse.”

The music video reflects his complex feelings of being overwhelmed and really embodies the song.

“Malibu Nights” is an album with very personal, but at the same time relatable, lyrics that, combined with LANY’s signature indie pop sound, make it a must listen. The album is out now and available on all major streaming platforms!

By Annelise Hackett


Your Bandersnatch 2018 Recap


Your Bandersnatch 2018 Recap

This semester’s Bandersnatch Concert started off when Melii owned the stage in Goldstein Auditorium. With her trendy style and energetic stage presence, she definitely made her mark. The crowd matched her energy and she was the perfect hype woman to kick off the show!

Next on the stage was Valee and UU had the chance to talk to him about his career and future plans.

Did the music you grew up with in Chicago have a strong influence on your sound?

V: It could have a lot to do with my sound now. I try not to sound like anything i’ve heard and If i’m working with a producer I try to shoot for stuff i’ve never heard, and words I never really hear anybody say.

A lot of people have said that your rap style isn’t very typical and they can’t categorize it, did you set out to create your own style or did it just come naturally?

V: It came naturally. I do remember sitting in the house and trying to record myself make beats and figure out how I wanted to sound. I think it came from finally finding beats that I liked and it made me come up with the way I wanna sound.

What can we expect from you next year, and what are your goals for the future?

V: Well next year i’m sure it’s a lot of shows and big festivals. I don’t know what im gonna act in next but I do like acting. I have a project coming out this December and I’ll probably do a project in January so I’m just gonna play a lot of music next year.

Screen Shot 2018-11-25 at 9.13.34 PM.png

After Valee left the crowd buzzing, Sahbabii took the stage with his hype man by his side. He started with his hit “Womp Womp” and performed songs from his new album “Squidtastic.” When we asked what album he was currently listening to, he responded “My album Squidtastic.”

Screen Shot 2018-11-25 at 9.13.28 PM.png

If you missed Bandersnatch this year, make sure to check out Melii, Valee, and Sahbabii on our Spotify!

Click Here

By Rachel Simon


SahBabii Album Review


SahBabii Album Review

You may not have heard the word “Squidtastic” before, but it’s the title of an album that you need to hear!


As the first and shortest song on the album, this is a great start to the album that really gets you ready for more.


“Behind Da Scenes” has a stripped back beat that showcases SahBabii’s flow. Favorite lyric: “Living Krispy like a treat.”


This melodic beat and cool rhyme scheme guarantee that this song will stay stuck in your head.


SahBabii and T3 really really really want to be your boyfriend. Give this song a listen and then decide.


This song will make you forget about the snow outside and brighten up your day!



SahBabii takes you inside his imaginary anime world, filled with ninjas, swords and even ramen.


Shoutout to Aunt Pat’s mac and cheese. This song is longer and more slowed down, but hooks you in from the intro.


Ready to go ‘round the world? SahBabii and his friends are going barnacles, and you will too while listening to this song!


A surprising song about loving yourself and being confident, SahBabii learns to embrace his height.


If there’s a problem, let SahBabii know. Our only problem with this song is that we wish it was longer (and that the full music video isn’t out yet, but check out a sneak peek below)!


This song’s beat and flow is smooth as honey.


Oh yeah. SahBabii goes off on this last track, and it’ll make you want put the album on repeat!

(Bonus: The music video just came out, check it out)

Get your tickets to Bandersnatch now and come see SahBabii kill these songs live!


Past Bandersnatch Artists: Where Are They Now?


Past Bandersnatch Artists: Where Are They Now?

Bandersnatch is University Union’s concert series that showcases up and coming artists. Once a semester, these artists will take over Goldstein Auditorium for a night of new music. Here’s an update on what our past Bandersnatch artists are up to now.


Smino opened for Anderson.Paak and Free Nationals in March of 2016. Last week, he dropped his second album NOIR. Unlike his debut album "blkswn," this album features a lighter vibe and sound. Smino’s rap is often emotionally heavy; he raps about his past experiences are dense, and he samples soul and r&b melodies. His single “Anita” has been remixed and sampled, most notably from T-Pain. Smino has also worked with Valee on his new song “KRUSHED ICE,” an artist we’ll see on Wednesday!

Screen Shot 2018-11-12 at 3.49.32 PM.png


Since he headlined Bandersnatch in February of 2017, Russ has been busy. He has a total of 12 albums! ZOO, his most recent, was released this past September. His 2017 album, "There’s Really A Wolf," is certified platinum and is most known for the hits “What They Want” and “Losin Control.” Fast flows and catchy hooks are a common theme in his songs, as well as mellow beats. Russ has over 10 million monthly listeners on Spotify and is showing no signs of slowing down.

Screen Shot 2018-11-12 at 3.51.13 PM.png

Mura Masa//

SU was introduced to Mura Masa when he headlined Bandersnatch in November of 2017. His self-titled album is most known for “Love$sick,” an A$AP Rocky collab with heavy tropical vibes. Mura Masa’s specialty is electronic pop as a “bedroom producer.” His newest single “Complicated” was released this summer featuring Nao, one of hip-hop and r&b’s freshest faces. Mura Masa is currently working on a new album that should be out next year, and we should expect this one to be even more experimental. As he told Paper Magazine, “I think the next album will be a bit stranger if I get it right.”

Screen Shot 2018-11-12 at 3.52.21 PM.png

Tickets are on sale at the Box Office for this semester’s Bandersnatch concert. Get your ticket to see Sahbabii, Valee, and Melii this Wednesday at 8 pm in Goldstein Auditorium! Time will only tell what these up and coming artists will do in the future, and we can’t wait!

By Nikki Lee Wade


Your Bandersnatch 2018 Playlist


Your Bandersnatch 2018 Playlist

Give a listen to our Bandersnatch artists before you hear them live with UU’s Spotify playlist!



Pull Up Wit Ah Stick

“Pull Up Wit Ah Stick” was SahBabii’s first big hit, and it’s not hard to see why. With its melodic style and strong beat, it’s the perfect party song.


Featured on SahBabii’s newest album “Squidtastic,” released in August of this year, “Army” is a slower more music heavy track.

Sunny Days

This upbeat melody makes this song an easy listen. It’s also very narrative, with a positive chorus contrasted with more serious verses.

Marsupial Superstars

SahBabii said that he and his friends use “marsupial” as an adjective to mean the biggest thing ever, making it a fitting title for this song.


This song was a highly anticipated collab between Ski Mask, the Slump God and SahBabii, who delivers a fire verse.

Womp Womp

It’s impossible to listen to this song and not have it stay stuck in your head. Valee and Jeremih go back and forth trading super catchy verses. Check out the video here!

Juice & Gin

It’s a short song, but Valee has a lot to say.

I Got Whatever

Valee’s got whatever, and we’ve got this song stuck in our heads.


The title says it all. “Awesome” is Valee’s newest single, so make sure to check it out!



Como Si Na

This song showcases Melii’s ability to rap flawlessly in not one, but two languages. This song’s beat pulls you in and keeps you grooving until the end.


Melii owns whatever room she walks into, and also owns this song. She has a great flow and this song will make you think you’re in a club no matter where you’re listening to it.

Bodak Yellow

You might think you know Bodak Yellow, but this isn't a typical cover. Melii starts by singing the chorus, but then goes off on her own rap remix. It’s a totally unique take and even has a great video (which you can see in our blog post about Melii)

By Annelise Hackett


 What You Need to Know About Green Book


What You Need to Know About Green Book

Almost all of us use maps, whether paper or electronic, when going on trips. We use them for directions, traffic updates and more. But have you ever needed one to tell you what hotels or restrooms were safe for you to stop at because of your skin color?

In the early 20th century, racial tensions were high in the United States, specifically the South. It was difficult for African-Americans to travel, as many hotels would refuse to rent out rooms, restaurants would not serve them, and certain towns were dangerous to stop in. “The Negro Motorist Green Book” was written in 1936 by African-American mail carrier Victor Hugo Green as a traveling guidebook for African-Americans. It listed safe places to stop that would rent out rooms, serve food, and even allow the use of their bathrooms. A member of the Little Rock Nine, Ernest Green, stated that the book was “one of the survival tools of segregated life." The title of the film “Green Book” pays homage to “The Negro Motorist Green Book” and is inspired by a real-life trip taken by an African-American pianist during the 1960s.

“Green Book” is a dramatic comedy based on the true story of renowned African-American pianist Don Shirley’s tour through the South in the 1960s. Concerned about traveling through the South alone, Shirley, played by Academy Award winner Mahershala Ali, hires former bouncer Tony Lip, played by two-time Academy Award nominee Viggo Mortensen, as his driver and bodyguard. Together, the two embark on a trip that forms an unlikely friendship, showcases the power of music and exposes racism and inequality.

Shirley is a highly educated and remarkably talented man, who white people will pay money to see perform, but won’t allow to eat in the same restaurant as them, due to the color of his skin. One of the most poignant scenes from the trailer, which you can watch below, occurs during an argument between Shirley and Lip, in which Shirley yells, “So if I’m not black enough and if I’m not white enough, then tell me, Tony, what am I?”

Green Book is a must-see film about music, friendship, and acceptance that remains relevant today. The story is compelling and will resonate with you long after you leave the theater (or after you leave University Union’s advanced screening!)

The advanced screening of Green Book is on Wednesday, November 7th in HBC Gifford at 8:30 p.m. Be sure to mark your calendars, so you don’t miss the chance to see one of the most critically acclaimed and highly anticipated movies of the year!

Bonus: Sam Smith and Logic also perform one of the songs on the movie’s soundtrack “Pray.” Give it a listen here:

By Annelise Hackett


Your Weekly Playlist: "Nov. 5-11, 2018"


Your Weekly Playlist: "Nov. 5-11, 2018"

Has the weather got you down? Here’s your weekly pick me up!

L.M.F // Smino

Smino incorporates love for his hometown St. Louis, The Lion King and a great beat in his newest single. Check out the video below!

Ever Again // Robyn

In this new relationship anthem, Robyn declares that she will never be broken hearted again, and neither will you after listening.


Barcelona // Mick Jenkins

Mick Jenkins delivers a long freestyle-esque verse with a beat that will keep you hooked.

Last Memory // Takeoff

“Last Memory” is the first single from Migos member Takeoff’s debut album. He asks for an E for effort, but we’ll give him an A.

Mo Paper // Rich The Kid ft. YG

Now that he has more paper he has more haters, but we aren’t one of them. Rich the Kid goes off, and YG comes in to deliver the second verse.

Freelance // Toro y Moi

“Freelance” has an infectious beat that will keep you grooving. It’s also a great song to play to cure your Halloween hangover, with lines like “Witch’s Brew had me on the first sip man.” It’s the lead single off of Toro y Moi’s new album “Outer Peace.”


Addicted To Power // MadeinTYO

“Addicted To Power” is the standout hit off of MadeinTYO’s just released project “Sincerely Tokyo.”

Expectations // Lauren Jauregui

“Expectations” is the debut single from former Fifth Harmony member Lauren Jauregui. This song is a soulful plea to a lover to start meeting her expectations. Check out the newly released music video below; it won’t let you down.

R.I.P // Joji ft. Trippie Redd

“R.I.P” is featured on Joji’s debut album “BALLADS 1,” which is appropriately named. Joji and Trippie Redd come together on this R&B ballad expressing their undying love.

Till You Sink // MOSSS

“Till You Sink” is a pop alternative bop with an ambiance will draw you in and let you vibe out.

Arms Around You // XXXTENTACION and Lil Pump ft. Maluma & Swae Lee

This song grabs you with it’s insanely catchy beat, and holds you in its arms until the end.

We can’t get enough. The official lyric video is below!

Roll Some Mo // Lucky Daye

The life Lucky Daye lives is lavish, and so is this song. This smooth sultry narrative will leave you feeling relaxed.

Pray For The Drip // Tee Grizzley ft. Offset

Our prayers were answered with this collboration. Tee Grizzley’s storytelling skills and Offset’s delivery make it impossible to not get hyped to this song.

A.A.T // SG Lewis ft. Drew Love

SG Lewis and Drew Love flow back and forth over an electronic, R & B and brassy beat. “A.A.T” is the first single off of SG Lewis’s new album “Dark,” the second installment of his “Dusk, Dark, Dawn” series.


Curiosity // Nao

They say curiosity killed the cat, but Nao killed this track. She delivers sultry vibes that will leave you wanting more.

Click here for this week’s Spotify Playlist!

By Annelise Hackett


Your Bandersnatch 2018 Artists: Meet Valee


Your Bandersnatch 2018 Artists: Meet Valee

He can give you a tattoo, he can fix your car and he can rap. Meet Valee, your not so typical rapper.

You might not know Valee’s name yet, but you will soon. Chicago native Valee is a relative newcomer to the rap game, but making a huge impact. Before music, he held a variety of odd jobs, including as a car mechanic. Working as a mechanic inspired him to start making music; he always wanted to have good music to blast in his car. One day, he decided to take a spontaneous trip to Guitar Center and bought a microphone and recording equipment. At 30, he’s a little bit of a latecomer to the rap game, but he’s making his mark. His single “Womp Womp,” featuring Jeremih, came out this May and showcased his signature flow over a catchy beat. Check it out below!

Valee stands out from typical rappers because of his unique DIY style. He’s an incredibly creative person who channels his energy through outlets such as fashion, art and, of course, music. His raps are generally softer and very narrative. It makes him stand out from other rappers, even the ones who try to copy his style. He also uses unique beats to ensure that his songs sound like ones he’s never heard before. Valee also keeps his songs short, with only a few going over three minutes, to make sure people pay attention. Take, for example, his song “Shell.” It’s just under two minutes long, and currently has over 1 million views on Youtube.

Valee is making noise, even if it’s quiet, and people are listening, including people like Kanye West. West signed Valee to his label G.O.O.D Music in February earlier this year. Kanye is not only Valee’s friend but also his fan, stating, “Valee’s style is the most popular style in rap, period.” He also produced Valee’s EP “GOOD Job, You Found Me,” which was released in February. Valee was recently hanging out in Kanye’s office with other huge names in the rap industry, such as ASAP Rocky, ASAP Bari, John Monopoly, Barber, and Rio Mac.

While Valee has been enjoying his newfound fame, he’s still very hands-on and more reserved. He still makes a lot of his own clothing and even built a bar in his manager’s house. He enjoys cooking and hanging out with his two dogs, a Yorkie and Chihuahua. His creative passions add depth to his music and personality. His nontraditional rap persona translates to his nontraditional rap music.

You need to check him out, and this year’s Bandersnatch concert is the perfect place to! Bandersnatch is on Nov. 14th at 8 p.m. and tickets are on sale now at the box office. Get yours soon and make sure to catch Valee’s set!

By Annelise Hackett


Your Bandersnatch 2018 Artists: Meet SahBabii


Your Bandersnatch 2018 Artists: Meet SahBabii

By now you’ve heard the lineup for Bandersnatch 2018, which only means that it’s time for you to get to know your lineup! Meet SahBabii, one of our Bandersnatch artists. We could not be more amped to see his performance.

SahBabii was working in an Atlanta Dicks Sporting Goods Wearhouse when he released his third mixtape “S.A.N.D.A.S.” He was fired two weeks later, while his song, “Pull Up Wit Ah Stick” was starting to take off on SoundCloud.

At 20 years old, Sahbabii leveraged social media to collect over 30 million streams on the hit song. Soon after, a former Dick’s Sporting Goods employee helped him book shows at nightclubs and college campuses. Sahbabii now tours the world promoting his most recent album, Squidtastic.

SahBabii doesn’t fit the mold of the Atlanta Rap scene. First off, he was born in Chicago and moved to Atlanta at just 13 years old. His sound has been compared to a mash-up of Drake’s melodies and Young Thug’s psychedelic vocals.

All his work features an unfamiliar vocabulary as well. For example, his song, “Eazy” uses the word “moocheezy.” No one is entirely sure what it means, but what’s great about his music is that people can interpret any meaning they want to. His vocabulary in his songs are so unique that he has taken to selling a dictionary of the words he uses at his shows.

As if we couldn’t be more impressed, SahBabii’s uniqueness doesn’t stop there. Surprisingly, he started recording songs in his living room with his older brother on a broken microphone. Now, he has millions of listeners, and fans around the world.

We can’t wait to see what he’s got up his sleeve, and we know his unique sound will only leave you wanting more!

By Annelise Hackett

By Annelise Hackett


Your Bandersnatch 2018 Artists: Meet Melii


Your Bandersnatch 2018 Artists: Meet Melii

After her remix of Bodak Yellow blew up on YouTube with almost 2 million views, Melii signed to Interscope Records as their new powerhouse rapper. Referring to the remix, she told Genius: “I feel like I bodied it or whatever, you know, just a little bit.”

Her breakout hit “Icey” is about ignoring the haters and maintaining self-confidence. It was created as a club anthem, a goal that was accomplished this summer. Melii’s raw Harlem roots shine through in the song with her syrupy flow yet sharp delivery. The pre-chorus features Spanish slang, a common theme within all of Melii’s songs. She explained to Genius: “When I threw in some Spanish in “Icey” it was cause I be up in the Heights, Washington Heights, and it was basically for my Spanish mamis that be in the club.” Melli grew up with strong female role models in the music industry, listening to hip-hop and R&B artists like Lil’ Kim and Destiny’s Child as well as Latinx artists like Ivy Queen and Miriam Cruz. Telling Mitú: “They opened the door for women who don’t care, who say what they have to say, who express themselves and are daring on the things they speak on.”

Melii has over 10,000 followers, and 500,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and her numbers are steadily growing. With her upcoming album “Phases” that’s set to be released within the next few months, there’s nowhere for her to go but up.

We can’t wait to see what she has to offer at Bandersnatch!

By Nikki Lee Wade


Recap: Antoni Porowski's Visit to Syracuse


Recap: Antoni Porowski's Visit to Syracuse

He came, he cooked, and he charmed the audience. Here are the top 5 moments from Antoni Porowski’s cooking demonstration/ Q&A!

  1. Let’s talk food (obviously)

    Antoni showed off his culinary skills by making a carrot salad with dates, almonds and oranges topped off with a vinaigrette. It was healthy, delicious and easy to make in right in your dorm room. He also brought out some surprise sou chefs– the homecoming queen and king! Whenever you’re feeling tired of the same dining hall food, definitely take a break and try out his recipe!

  2. Boy does he love Syracuse

    “Hey Siri, who won the Syracuse game today?” Antoni opened up with celebrating the football team’s win earlier in the day, to which the crowd erupted cheering. Also, he showed some Syracuse pride by representing one of our very own local restaurants; Strong Hearts, by wearing one of their t-shirts!

  3. We heard his food journey

    Can you believe that Antoni didn’t know what instant ramen was until last month? He was bit by the cooking bug during his childhood and it followed him all the way to college, where he was more inclined to cook a risotto to share with friends than simply microwave something. Later in his career, he worked as a personal assistant to Ted Allen, the food and wine connoisseur in the original production of Queer Eye For the Straight Guy, and now the host of Chopped. Years later, Antoni has taken over Allen’s role in the new Netflix reboot and has become everyone’s favorite heartthrob on the show.

  4. The Q & A

    The student Q&A lended itself to great questions and even better answers. The audience got to learn more about Antoni, his experience on Queer Eye and his relationship with the rest of the Fab Five. He shared that the five of them have a group chat that’s mainly used for sharing gifs and memes! Antoni also shared that his favorite moment in his Queer Eye journey so far was having his dad tell him how proud he was of his accomplishments. He also talked about his newly opened restaurant in New York City; The Village Den, which serves healthy food for people on the go!

  5. His message to us

    Wrapping up his talk, Antoni emphasized the importance of friendship and asked everyone to “Tell each other that you love each other.” College can be stressful, but it’s important to reach out and “break bread” with your friends and loved ones whenever you can!


Antoni did not disappoint and this was definitely an event to remember!

By Annelise Hackett


Your Weekly Playlist: "Oct. 15-21, 2018"


Your Weekly Playlist: "Oct. 15-21, 2018"

Here’s your weekly playlist to get you through this hump day!

Remember Me// UMI

Released just last week, UMI delves deep into love lost with this simple melody. The pain cuts deep, especially with the video.

Sexy Man// Connan Mockasin

“Sexy Man” transcends reality, putting the listener into a dream-like state. The slow beat and organ tones contribute to the euphoria.

One Trick Ponies// Kurt Vile

Featuring Stella Mozgawa, this track prefaced Vile’s first record in three years, “Bottle it In.”  

ZEZE// Kodak Black Feat. Offset & Travis Scott

Many people are considering ZEZE Kodak Black’s official comeback after being released from prison. People seem to be hyped to see Kodak back in top form.

RERUN// Quavo & Travis Scott

This highly anticipated release has proved the power in a Quavo, Travis Scott duo. Fun fact: Quavo was the star quarterback on his high school football team.


Not the Time// SASAMI

SASAMI blends lo-fi instrumentals with smooth vocals in this banger of a song. SASAMI started making arrangements for films, this song represents a diary entry or “a letter never sent.”

Super Freak// Shy Glizzy & Lil Uzi Vert

This song is off Glizzy’s highly anticipated album “Fully Loaded.” a D.C native, Glizzy first got notoriety when he threw shade at Chief Keef in 2012. He has since become one of the most respected artists to come from D.C.

MIA// Bad Bunny & Drake

“MIA” got 12 million youtube views in one day, securing a number 2 spot on youtube’s trending videos list. A spanish song from Puerto Rican star, Bad Bunny, this song has the makings of a smash hit.


Make Antoni's Recipes Your Own


Make Antoni's Recipes Your Own

By now you’ve all heard the big news that Antoni Porowski is coming to Cuse this Saturday! You’ve seen him cook on Queer Eye. And now you’ll see him cook at the live demonstration/ Q&A. So now, it’s your turn! Here are Antoni Porowski’s top five recipes that you should definitely try out!


A Queer Eye classic, this combo is a perfect snack and super easy to make. To roast the cauliflower, simply toss it in olive oil and bake until lightly browned. Next comes the Green Goddess dip. All you need are avocados, cilantro, parsley, onions and Greek yogurt. Blend all of the ingredients in a food processor and you’re all done! If you’re not a fan of cauliflower, you can dip your snack of choice!



Grilled cheese is a college diet staple. Antoni puts his own twist on it by adding buttered leeks, and it’s a must-try. Start by cutting up the leeks and sauteeing them in butter. Spread mayo on your choice of bread, then melt the cheese. Finally, add the leeks and assemble your sandwich. You’ll never eat a normal grilled cheese again.

Click here for the finished product on Antoni’s Instagram


Are you tired of making the same scrambled eggs every morning? Fear not, because Antoni has cracked the code of making a perfect omelette. The trick? Butter. After mixing your eggs together, coat your pan with butter. Another tip is to use chopsticks to stir the eggs and fold over your omelette. He suggests adding truffles, chives, cheese or any topping you want!

Check it out here!


Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or a pregame, win the best host award by making this dip! You’ll need feta cheese, olive oil, olives, roasted red peppers, oregano and lemon. Make a thin layer of red peppers, and lay the feta cheese on top. Bake until the cheese begins to bubble, then switch your oven to broil and remove when it is nicely browned. After taking it out, apply your mixture of olives, oregano and olive oil. Grab some pita chips and dive in!



One cannot think of Antoni’s without thinking of his love for avocados and his iconic guacamole recipe. Super simple and super delicious, all you need are avocados, lime juice, cilantro and Greek yogurt! Blend all the ingredients together in a food processor or by hand, and you’re all set! Be sure to stock up on chips because this recipe will guac your world.

“It all starts with a nice guac”


Time to try them out for yourself!

By Annelise Hackett


New Artist Alert: Lizzo


New Artist Alert: Lizzo

Introducing Lizzo, your new favorite powerhouse feminist creating empowering songs for women.


Lizzo’s music is technically classified as alternative hip hop— it’s a gorgeous melody of rap, r&b, soul, and gospel. Her voice is smooth yet strong, and her talent is unmissable. Lizzo’s uniquely funny and bold style be is exactly the type of energy boost we all need right now. The songs tell a clear story, and her lyrics preach unapologetic confidence and body positivity. Her upbeat vibes and relatable messages make it impossible to sing and dance along.

Lizzo has two albums so far, Lizzobangers and Big Grrrl Small World. She also has an EP titled Coconut Oil, and a long list of singles, most notably Boys, Worship Me and Truth Hurts. She has 904,890 monthly listeners and 105,690 followers on Spotify. Whether you’re chilling at home or grinding in the gym, if you need a pick-me-up, Lizzo is your girl. Here are the best lyrics from some of her songs:

Truth Hurts

“I just took a DNA test, turns out I'm 100% that bitch”

“I will never, ever, ever, ever, ever be your side chick/I put the sing in single/Ain't worried 'bout a ring on my finger”

Water Me

“Caboose like ‘choo choo’ bless my trainer/Thank God, thank God, thank God, I'm gettin' thicker/And I got 'em sweatin' in the middle of the winter”

“I don't get dehydrated, I moisturize it daily/I am my inspiration, I am my inspiration”

Scuse Me

“I don't need a crown to know that I'm a queen”

I don't see nobody else/ 'Scuse me while I feel myself

Good As Hell 

“Boss up and change your life/You can have it all, no sacrifice”

“If he don't love you anymore/Just walk your fine ass out the door”

By Nikki Lee Wade


lovelytheband Album Review


lovelytheband Album Review

lovelytheband, the band behind the hit song “broken,” just released their debut album “finding it hard to smile.” Here’s what we think:

lovelytheband was formed in 2016 and consists of members Mitchy Collins, Jordan Greenwald and Sam Price. Their sound is a combination of indie alternative pop that is refreshingly new and extremely entertaining. Their hit single “broken,” released in April 2017, quickly shot up the Billboard charts and was one of the hits of this past summer. The band finally released their debut album “finding it hard to smile” in August 2018. It’s rare that a band puts out an album where you don’t skip a single song, but this is one of them. The band’s unique upbeat sound combined with their honest and relatable lyrics create a perfect mix. Here are a few highlights:


“broken” tells the story of meeting a girl at a party who you instantly relate to. The two characters connect over the fact that they’re both broken. It relates to wanting a sense of connection and knowing that you’re not alone or unlovable.

"your whatever"

This song tells the story of unrequited love. It is a personal and beautiful love song to someone who doesn’t love you back. The singer is so desperate to be with this person in any way possible, as seen through the chorus “I’ll be your right now, I’ll be your forever, or I’ll be your last call, I’ll be your whatever.” It’s an incredibly relatable and emotional song (and my personal favorite).

"these are my friends"

This song is the ultimate ode to your friends. The chorus repeats “These are my friends, these are my friends, I love them, I love them.” It describes an unbreakable bond of friendship and acceptance. You can’t help but smile and think about your friends as you listen.

It’s the newest single from the album, and you can find the video here:

"make you feel pretty"

This is a very upbeat and playful song about a girl from a small town who lies about who she is and reinvents herself as a party girl. The singer jokes that she tries to sound posh and from London, but he knows she’s actually from Ohio. The girl goes out all the time and charms men, but only for their money. He spends all his money to make her feel pretty, hence the title. This song is very upbeat and catchy, and will probably remind you of someone you know.

“stupid mistakes”

Everyone has sent a drunk text that they regretted, or sent a risky message only to be left on read. This song is extremely relatable, especially in college. The chorus echoes a thought that many of us have probably had, “We all make stupid mistakes sometimes, But I make them more than most.” This song is about messing up a relationship with someone that you really cared about. It’s brutally honest and stripped back but still impactful. Listening to it allows you to release your own regrets and frustrations, and realize that you’re not the only one who makes mistakes.

“finding it hard to smile” is out now and available to stream on all major streaming platforms

By Annelise Hackett


Your Juice Jam Fashion Trends


Your Juice Jam Fashion Trends

We all know one of the most important parts of Juice Jam is your outfit. And when you’re feelin’ yourself, everyone can see it. Here are some of the best looks from your 2018 Juice Jam!


Pictured: Yasmine Chahine, Fiona Gaffney, Sloane Sexton, Vivian Whitney, Kat Villarin, Stephanie Hull

Pictured: Yasmine Chahine, Fiona Gaffney, Sloane Sexton, Vivian Whitney, Kat Villarin, Stephanie Hull

Pictured: Chennelle Chambers, Payton Campbell, Nkiru Garner, Nicole Sarf, Noor Dar

Pictured: Chennelle Chambers, Payton Campbell, Nkiru Garner, Nicole Sarf, Noor Dar

Pictured: Dasha Bychkova, Karina Méndez, Annie Hayes, and Aanya Singh

Pictured: Dasha Bychkova, Karina Méndez, Annie Hayes, and Aanya Singh


Pictured: McKinley Vrees

Pictured: McKinley Vrees

Pictured: Natalie Partigianoni and Tom Hoare

Pictured: Natalie Partigianoni and Tom Hoare

Pictured: Dominiqué Patrick

Pictured: Dominiqué Patrick


Pictured: Markcus Blair and John MacLeod

Pictured: Markcus Blair and John MacLeod

Pictured: Nick Della Sala

Pictured: Nick Della Sala


Pictured: Emily Gildea and Melissa Douglass

Pictured: Emily Gildea and Melissa Douglass


Pictured: Sam Larocca and Kylie Maher

Pictured: Sam Larocca and Kylie Maher

Pictured: Niya Klayman and Jackson Calhoun

Pictured: Niya Klayman and Jackson Calhoun


Pictured: Camryn Simon and Brooklyn Richmond

Pictured: Camryn Simon and Brooklyn Richmond


Pictured: Margot Cammon

Pictured: Margot Cammon

By Rachel Simon





UU is excited to present an advanced screening of “A Star is Born.”

“A Star is Born” features two very familiar faces but will show you a side of each you’ve never seen before. Musical romantic drama “A Star is Born” is Bradley Cooper’s stunning directorial debut starring both himself and Lady Gaga.

Watch the trailer here:

The movie tells the story of Jackson Maine, played expertly by Cooper, a burnt-out rock and roll star who has lost his spark and turned to alcohol. By chance, he meets Ally, portrayed by Gaga, an aspiring singer-songwriter currently working for a catering company. He encourages her to follow her dreams and helps her succeed in the music industry. Love, tears and lots of singing ensue. Their on-screen chemistry is electric and creates an authentic and heartfelt love story. However, the film also highlights the brutal reality of the music industry. “A Star is Born” manages to balance flawed characters and reality with love and passion, creating a story that is truly captivating and moving.

The film showcases refreshingly new sides of both actors. Gaga truly embodies an unknown singer-songwriter; there is no trace of her real pop stardom or typical theatrics. Her performance is bare and honest, while still showcasing her versatility and talent. Cooper delivers an emotional and vulnerable performance of a broken but always charming man. Above all, the film reminds the audience about the power of music through passionate performances and moving lyrics. “A Star is Born” is a tale of inspiration, love, and truth that will stick with you long after you’ve left the theater.

Make sure to grab your tissues and popcorn and make your way to HBC Gifford Monday night at 8 p.m.!

And here’s a sneak peek of one of the songs from the movie:

By Annelise Hackett