1.     You would be part of one of Syracuse’s largest (and most fun) campus organizations. More members = more new friends

2.     The opportunity to get involved in something you are truly passionate about and even gain some hands-on experience

3.     Even general members can hang out in the UU office- Conveniently located on the ground floor of the Schine Student Center, complete with leather couches and good company any given day of the week

4.     You might even meet your future spouse… who knows!

5.     GM’s can take on as much or little responsibility as they can handle. Even hanging up a few posters around campus makes a big difference!

6.     There’s never a dull moment- you’ll have the inside scoop on upcoming shows, speakers, weekly movie showings, and more. Goodbye Tuesday night boredom—you’ve got a Bandersnatch show to attend!

7.     General Members have the opportunity to learn about each of our E-Boards (Concerts, Marketing, Cinemas, Preforming Arts, Design, Public Relations, and Collaborations) and decide if there is one that you’d like getting more involved in.

8.     We are a very diverse group with members of all different majors and interests; you’ll find your place with us.

9.     Have the chance to participate in focus groups—Who knows, you might even help us pick our next Mayfest line up!

10. It’s easy to be surrounded by the latest music and entertainment trends discussed in our office by our super-hip members.

11. Britney Spears is a frequent topic of discussion

12. “University Union- General Member” looks stellar on a resume

13. And because sometimes eating quesadillas from Schine alone isn’t so fun...

14. You don’t have to be a freshman to join the crew- all are welcomed- regardless of class year or academic major.

15.  The title “GM” sounds pretty legit

16. Your friends will be envious and want to join too! (Helloooo..All the cool kids are doing it)

Written by Kelsey Ross, Marketing Administrator