You can watch "Nightcrawler" for free before this action-packed thriller is released on the big screen. Tonight (10/29) at 9:30p.m. in HBC Gifford Auditorium, catch this not-too-be-missed screening, featuring Jake Gyllenhaal in his darkest role yet. Check out the "Nightcrawler" trailer to get a preview of what film critics are already raving about.

In "Nightcrawler," Jake Gyllenhaal plays a man so desperate for work that he joins LA's corrupt, underground journalism scene. Gyllenhaal's character, Lou Bloom, becomes a nightcrawler, a freelance journalist who films hard-hitting news stories and crimes. While breaking the law to capture the money shot, this ambitious nightcrawler is able to rise through the ranks— but at a price. As he manipulates bodies and tampers with other evidence at crime scenes, he risks his life and the lives of others, and he eventually becomes a wanted man. 

A real nightcrawler worked on the set of this new film, serving as its technical advisor. Howard Raishbrook, who has been selling his video footage to news stations for 15 years, facilitated much of "Nightcrawler's" pre-production research. Before filming began, Gyllenhaal and director, Dan Gilroy, spent many nights shadowing Raishbrook in the streets of LA as he worked his magic. End result? "Nightcrawler" is a chilling cinematic masterpiece that depicts a side of the news business few know exist. 

Gyllenhaal says "Nightcrawler" speaks to the "success at any cost" mantra that members of our generation often live and die by. "That ambition is admired," he said. "But— at the same time, I think it can very easily be misused" (ABC News).

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Written by: Breanna Caires, Blog Editor