“Four and three and two and one!” Entering the stage backed by a bumping hip-hop beat, Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer from the hit Comedy Central show “Broad City” were met with a thunderous applause and cheering from the Syracuse University audience Saturday night. Moderated by University Union’s own Alli Reich, the show was a conversation about everything from the actresses’ time at the Upright Citizens Brigade, their TV show and their favorite brunch items. Here are some takeaways from a night full of laughs:

1. You don’t have to get “that” drunk

Thinking back on their college years, Abbi and Ilana both admitted to having “drinking too much.” Now I’m sure some of us can attest to maybe having gone too hard in the paint on the weekend, but it’s not necessary that we do it ALL the time. It’s OK to stay in and watch the History Channel, or something like that.

2. Believe in yourself

Even though it’s the most cliché saying ever, it’s true. When the pair was working on the web series “Broad City,” they had to believe in their comedy and the final product. Even in the face of doubt, they told themselves “that there could be no other option, but for it to work.” And we’re so glad they did.

3. They just wanna be successful

When the pair was working on their web series, they knew they “wanted to make something permanent.” Also, they wanted to prove to their family that what they were doing was worth it. Ilana said it best when she said “I want to be able to send a link to my parents to prove that their money was well-spent.” Preach, girl.

4. They’re socially aware

It may seem like the characters are just two goofy, white girls living in New York City, but the actresses were quick to point out that they use their characters as tools to comment on contemporary issues. Speaking on a scene from the unreleased season three, Ilana and Abbi are at brunch and Ilana says “we’re so ‘poor’ we combine meals.” While Ilana is talking about an important women’s issue, Abbi interrupts her to point out that unlimited mimosas aren’t offered anymore. The two use this as an aside to point out how society focuses on the most unimportant issues happening today.

5. They pretend to know what’s going

After they sold their web series, the duo met with TV executives and learned about the nuances of five-way calls. Similar to how we students sit in class pretending to know what’s going on, they learned to maximize the words “right, right,” “totally” and “I see…”

6. #SquadGoals

During the Q&A with Reich, the stars said they would join Rihanna’s squad. In respect to their own squad, Abbi would ask the always cool Diane Keaton and Ilana would ask the baddest woman alive Ms. Nicki Minaj to join to them.

7. It’s getting REAL in season three

When asked about what to expect for the upcoming season, the stars said they pushed the boundary between comedy and sincerity.  They wanted the writing to go “a little deeper” while balancing the two emotions. In short: “Ish is real,” Ilana said.

Written by: Ibi Lagundoye