With love in the air this past Valentines Day weekend, you can’t be surprised of the artist who’s known to always be expressive and “in his feelings” to just drop a mixtape a few days ago. Drake’s shows his lyricism throughout every song. In his career, questions were posed about him staying true to himself and his character. When he joined Young Money Entertainment, it was evident that he did not necessarily fit in with the brand and image. His talents and quality music overshadowed the obvious disconnect and his music skyrocketed. Any confusions you had about Drake, this mixtape clears it all up and checks every unticked box.


Drake’s first album, Thank Me Later, was the Drake that we all had been missing. The witty, catchy, stimulating and creative artist was who we wondered had left off to.  But this mixtape, is the same artist that we fell in love with after his So Far Gone Mixtape in 2009. The first song lays out the premise of the rest of the mixtape and leaves a clear message of how he views himself, a Legend. It samples Ginuine So Anxious and has a cutting-edge beat that makes it a catchy.

It wouldn’t be Drake, if he didn’t have at least one diss on one of the tracks. In 6pm New York, he throws all shade to rapper Tyga with statement, “Oh, you tried, it’s so childish calling my name on the world stage. You need to act your age and not your girl’s age..” This diss is referring to Tyga’s relationship with Kim Kardashian’s youngest sister, Kylie Jenner.

Drake shows in this mixtape how he’s not trying to paint a false picture of growing up in a rough neighborhood, having a hard life or any of the above. His authenticity is felt and played in every song. This 17-song mixtape is merely something for the pass time as he works on his upcoming album, Views from the 6. If you haven’t heard his new mixtape, as Drake would say, “You’re Late.”