Adam DeVine brought down the house when he came to Cuse as part of the UU Performing Arts Series.  Thanks to DeVine and supporting comedian, Adam Ray, this year's series ended with a bang. Didn't get enough of Adam squared while they were  here? Let's fix that.

Pro Tips From Adam Ray


Known for his recent role in The HeatRay,  performed the opening act of A Night With Adam DeVine. From "don't have sex on shrooms," to "check the bathroom door lock at Starbucks," Ray's quality pro tips had us doubled over laughing.



Ray urged the guys in the crowd not to use the "fart cough" when passing gas in front of the ladies. "Hiding a fart by timing it with a cough is just too much to ask of the human body," he joked. Take it from him, a cough ain't covering up the sound and the smell of a man-fart.

Ray cracked some other fart jokes about a woman who took a fart to the face from her boyfriend and proceeded to stab him with a knife. "Look that news story up,"  he said, "and you'll have six hours worth of bedtime reading material." You also might be scared straight.

*Pro tip: fart smart.*



"When you've got a midget for a friend,  you've got all the street cred you need," Ray joked. "It's like walking around with a pit bull. People worry, 'Will it bite me?'"

*Pro tip: choose your friends wisely.*


RAY: "So what can I do here in Syracuse?"

STUDENT: "There's jizz and shit on the floor but you can get some good beer at Chuck's."

RAY: "You lost me at jizz... But had me at beer!"

*Pro tip: beer is all that matters.*

DeVine on Life's Stupid Moments

Throughout  the rest of the show, DeVine cracked us up with story after story about his childhood, his successes and all the "oh shit" moments that have happened in between. 


Best Time of Your Life

DeVine explained that as kids, we all made what he calls the "BEST time of your life face."  When a younger DeVine  nailed a free-throw or shot someone with a rubber band, making the face was a totally normal thing to do. As an adult, he's learned the hard way that it's no longer socially acceptable. Still, he understood if we couldn't resist making the "BEST time of your life face" during his act. As he zipped around the stage like a pinball, he joked that it was ok because we were having the time of our lives with him after all.

AnnisDevine (15 of 44).jpg


Celebrity Probs

According to DeVine, getting recognized by fans in public is a terrifying experience. As Workaholics fans enthusiastically compliment the tightness of his butt hole,  people nearby often judge him hardcore.

 As a celebrity, DeVine's other big challenge is meeting the demands of Hollywood life. When he auditioned for Pitch Perfect, for example, he wasn't exactly ready for his moment in the spotlight. It might have been because he was high he said, but it wasn't until he was asked to sing that he realized he wasn't auditioning for a movie about baseball. 


Still Single

Being single and surrounded by gorgeous Hollywood dudes isn't getting DeVine down, he said. He's  taken to reminding himself how "fuckable" he is when he passes reflective surfaces. DeVine said he once passed a tinted office window and pointed at his reflection saying, "Boy, would I like to fuck you!" 

"That moment was weird for the guy working behind the window," he said. "He must have been going, 'Wow, Frodo's fat friend really wants to fuck me...' It was super fun for me once I realized he was there."


Q and A Sesh

DeVine's Q and A session started off interesting to say the least. As DeVine put it, SU students asked him "some Ivy League level shit." First, an angry Pitch Perfect fan demanded to know why DeVine had un-followed her on Twitter. A second fan asked DeVine if he knew what fear the two share in common. Making a Workoholics reference, the fan awkwardly stated that he and DeVine both have a fear of pleasuring a woman to death. Another student piped up and said, "What's the least amount of money you'd suck a dick for, Adam?"

"Well, it's definitely gone up in the last few years. Probably $25," he promptly answered. "Kidding... A few million, but it was in the thousands back in the day."  

Bear Guy

One of the biggest DeVine fans in the crowd wore a grizzly bear costume to the show so that he would catch the comedian's attention during the Q and A session. His question? "Will you sign my bear suit" of course. DeVine was a good sport and autographed the bear tongue.

By the end of the Q and A session, a  legitimate question was eventually asked. A student wanted to know what the series ending of Workaholics will be like. Devine explained that he'd like to write a sappy, Walton-esque ending where the characters go to bed and yell a series of "Goodnight, dudes!" until the scene fades into another one where an old man is watching all that unfold on his TV screen. DeVine wants the old man to respond with a final "Good night dudes."


All Good Things Must End

DeVine eventually said his own good night to the crowd and thanked them for being a great audience. Randomly chosen by UU, two lucky students got to spend some extra time him during an exclusive meet and greet session. Another student also lucked out because she had asked if she could take a selfie with DeVine during the Q and A session.  

Whether they got to meet DeVine or laugh along with him from afar, everyone in the crowd could agree that A Night With Adam DeVine was some pretty tight butt hole.


 Written by: Breanna Caires, UU Blog Editor

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