The 11th annual Juice Jam had just one rule — much like Matt and Kim when they go on stage — absolutely no rules.

On Sunday thousands of students flocked to Skytop Field to see Big Sean, Oliver Heldens, iLoveMakonnen, Matt and Kim, BØRNS and SNBRN hit two stages for a day of live music to kick off the school year.

The surprisingly cold weather didn’t stop the Syracuse University students from having a great time from the start. Opening act EDM artist SNBRN showed off an eclectic mix of deep house and indie pop for the growing crowd — who were already doing backflips in the audience from the hype.

SNBRN’s set was immediately followed by indie pop artist BØRNS, who played hits “Seeing Stars” and “Electric Love.” SU students got a special sneak peek of his new album, Dopamine, coming out in October when he played a brand new track for the jumping crowd.

Around 2 p.m., Matt and Kim blasted onto the main stage to hip-hop music, while Matt asked the screaming crowd, “Can we take this set 0 to 100 real quick?”

The crazy duo launched into singing only their biggest hits, such as “Let’s Go,” “Daylight” and “Get It.” In their eventful hour-long set, Kim stood on the crowd and shook her booty, threw balloons at the crowd and had absolutely no regrets with their classic raunchy behavior — Kim constantly smacked her rear with her drumstick while standing on her kit. The audience loved every minute of it.

“We’ve never had rules,” Kim told University Union. “We just don’t give a f*ck. We just want to party, and that’s just how it all comes about.”

A humble iLoveMakonnen took the indie stage to play a short set filled with his hits “I Don’t Sell Molly No More” and “Tuesday,” which was made popular after Drake remixed it. Despite his hip-hop sound, Makonnen told UU that he listens to indie artists, such as Santigold and Animal Collective in his free time.

He also wants to be an inspiration for college kids, because he wants them to know how blessed they are that they have the opportunity to learn.

“I just like to keep giving them the inspiration or the pat on the back to keep going,” he said. “A lot of people try to say, ‘College isn’t cool. It’s a waste of time.’ But no, you should go. Get knowledge and build yourself up. I just support people gaining knowledge.”

Dutch 20-year-old Oliver Heldens fed off the growing energy of the crowd and mixed some tunes for the second EDM set of the day. He led up to the headliner of the day, Big Sean.

As soon as Heldens left the stage, students started chanting Big Sean’s name, waiting in anticipation for the hip-hop artist. This was the artist’s third time performing in Syracuse, and he wasn’t afraid to reflect on his previous time at SU by throwing it back to his mix tapes during his set.

Big Sean pleased the screaming audience with his biggest hits, “Clique,” “I Don’t F*ck With You,” “Blessings” and an emotional rendition of “One Man Can Change the World.” The artist ripped off his shirt in the middle of his set, showing off his toned six-pack and making the crowd scream louder than they had before.

Later in the night, Big Sean thanked the students and offered some advice before finishing off his set: “Don’t surround yourself with negative people. You deserve success.”

Written by: Jackie Frere