I think we can all agree it’s a pain hauling butt through the snow to the movie theater, just to pay through the nose to see our favorite blockbusters. Luckily, University Union gives us the opportunity to pay less and walk less to see some of TheAcademy’s favorite films. This list of favorites includes our first offering of 2016, The Martian, a screening that is bound to be out of this world. 

Labeled as “Powerful”, “Brilliant”, and “Enthralling” by top critics, The Martian follows an Astronaut played by Matt Damon, who must overcome obstacles caused by an unfortunate series of events. He gets caught in the middle of a nasty storm on Mars, and after a piece of shrapnel penetrates his suite - and body - nearly killing him, he is stranded alone on Mars while his friends journey back to Earth under the assumption that their colleague is dead. Sounds funny, right? Well, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association certainly thought so as they awarded the film with the Golden Globe for Best Picture - Musical or Comedy. Pause for a hearty lol. The Martian won for Movie of the Year at the AFI Awards and was nominated for 7 categories in the 88th Academy Awards this February. Don't miss your chance to see Ridley Scott's newest Sci-Fi Gem Jan 29-31 in HBC Gifford @8PM!

By: Genna Schindel