In 2010, Kanye released his most critically praised album to date, the fan favorite My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. The album has an 11 song tracklist, half of which released before MBDTF debuted. West is known for creating incredibly cohesive albums, giving previously released songs a new meaning and feeling, enhancing the quality of every song on the album; I don’t think Waves will be any different.

We anticipate that Waves will be as universally received and appreciated as MBDTF. On 2013's “I Am A God,” Kanye raps “Soon as they like you make ‘em unlike you,” and throughout his career, he has done just that. After his first trio of albums which were loved by music fans and critics alike, Ye released the groundbreaking 808s & Heartbreak. While many appreciated the album considering it spawned some successful singles, the album was a huge step into left field for West, leaving many original Kanye fans disappointed. Ye then lured his fans back in with MBDTF. Those surrounding him described this album as an “apology album,” created for his fans and critics. Following was the experimental Yeezus. This album was also loved by many, but overall did not receive outstanding reviews, which  leads us to Waves.

Following this pattern, Waves lines up to be another album with a sound that will bring masses of fans back. Wave’s first two singles, “Real Friends,” and “No More Parties In LA,” were received well by fans applauding Yeezy’s return to a more lyrical and introspective approach. The singles’ covers, leading up to the album, have been the first artwork Kanye has put out featuring pictures of himself, hinting at a very personal album. He even dropped the previously mega-hyped banger “All Day,” from the album’s tracklist, hinting at a decision for a more grounded and personal approach. This style is what many believe has been missing in his music lately, and I think Waves will give the majority of his fans what they want.

Couple all of this with rumored collaborators ranging from Chance The Rapper, Earl Sweatshirt, Drake, to Travis Scott, and rumored production from Ye himself, Madlib, Swizz Beats and more, it’s not too far of a reach to believe that Kanye will indeed release “album of the life." Waves will premiere with Kanye’s “Yeezy Season 3” for Adidas on February 11th at Madison Square Garden, and at Cinemas around the world. The countdown has begun.

By: Lucas Markham