Luckily I got the opportunity to speak with D.R.A.M after his epic performance at Juice Jam. He took control of the stage with his large presence and charisma that reflected directly onto the crowd. Broccoli particularly got the crowd going and everyone went wild as their anthem filled the Juice Jam air. It truly completed his set with a bang. D.R.A.M was later asked by one of the reporters if he changed his approach to making music after Broccoli blew up on the charts. He responded that it hasn't changed his approach at all it has just made concerts more “Lit”. D.R.A.M was also asked to describe what his perception of “Real Ass Music” is. He said that “Real Ass Music” is all the music that is authentic to him and his experiences. D.R.A.M says that all of his music is based on events that actually happened. Finally, I asked what band inspired him the most a developing artist. Without a stutter, he replied “Parliament-Funkadelic. D.R.A.M definitely did not disappoint and I think we can all agree we hope to see him sometime again on our campus.