The only way is up when it comes to concerts at ‘Cuse. Rock the Dome is back after a five-year hiatus and will certainly bring some magic to the table. Right before the dreaded winter and stress of finals, Rock the Dome will light our lackluster lives with energy and joy. It’s a relieving lineup and if you haven't heard about the roster, let me fill you in.

The 1975: Hailing from the U.K., “The 1975” has been killing the indie rock game for years. In recent years their music has traveled to the U.S. and is equally well received. After an impressive self-titled album “The 1975” skyrocketed, their next project I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it has been parading the surface since it’s drop in February of 2016. I last saw “The 1975” at the Barclays Center in May. The least I can say is that this show should blow your mind in terms of creation. “The 1975” is a different kind of band in the scheme of things.They have music that is indescribable but will simply make you smile ear to ear. It’s easy to catch on musically as a fan because there is something about the chemicals released in your brain when their songs play. After selling out shows all over the world, their tour will now expand to our campus in just three weeks.

Oh Wonder: The talent in London always has more gems than rocks. Another gem heading to Rock the Dome this year is “Oh Wonder”. Broken down, “Oh Wonder” is Josephine Vander Gucht and Anthony West singing in complete unity. Since releasing their DIY debut album, they have seen international success and broke through to the U.S to give us that same flavor. When you look at the blueprint of their first album, they truly did something revolutionary. “Oh Wonder” recorded one song each month for a year and at the end, blessed our years with a project. Musically they are sure to set the vibe of strong before “The 1975”.

K. High