“Candy”- Cameo

For my song this week, I decided to take it back to the mid 80s. Released 30 years ago in 1986, “Candy” is one of the hottest songs I have ever heard, mainly because it's 5 minutes of straight bliss. Not only is the level of infatuation high, but the story is remarkable. This song has that Drake effect; it’ll have you romanticizing over someone you don't even have. Even if you don’t listen to it as a love song, you will still receive the timeless hypnosis of great music. This is that “feel good”. This is one of those old school songs your mom plays on Saturday mornings while you clean the house. This is that real music, and the instrumentation is classic.  

By: K.High

“Waves”- Kanye West

I would be lying if I said I was listening to much else other than The Life of Pablo this week, and, in particular, the track that almost wasn’t even on the album, “Waves”. The whole project is just flame after flame after flame, but, with the help of Chance the Rapper, Breezy, Kid Cudi, and more, this song is a standout. With feeling and instrumentation that feels reminiscent of Graduation, 808s and Heartbreak, and even some of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, this track has the grandeur and the spirit of everything Kanye has worked for throughout his career. There is magic in this song. #ThankYouChance for making sure we weren’t deprived of it.

By: Rachel Blackman

“Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1” -Kanye West

It may seem a little redundant to pick a Kanye West song two weeks in a row, but If I were to say I’ve been listening to anything other than The Life Of Pablo for the past week, I would be lying.  The song begins with a raw sample of “Father Stretch My Hands” by Pastor TL Barrett, segued by an insta-classic Metro Boomin tag, exploding into pure sonic joy lead by Kid Cudi. I first heard the track as The Life Of Pablo was premiered via stream at my local cinema, and the drop got by far the loudest response of the premier from the 40 or so Kanye fans in the room. It’s already a highlight of the album, and it will surely become a highlight of future Kanye performances as well.

By: Lucas Markham

“St. Patrick’s Day”- John Mayer

I am huge John Mayer fan, but for some reason, I only recently found this gem. "St. Patrick’s Day" is most definitely underrated and overshadowed by “No Such Thing” on Mayer’s 2001 album Room for Squares. The intro is typical Mayer, soft and smooth mimicking the intro of “Daughters”. It continues to take you on a slow groove through all the months and holidays of the year leading up to St Patrick’s Day. I think I just found my new favorite song, and I hope y’all like it as much as I do.

By: Genna Schindel