This week we are kicking off a new feature for the UU Blog, “Upcoming Artists Watch.” Look out for more of these in the weeks and months to come, as the UU blog team looks to introduce our readers to some of the most promising up and coming talent in music. For our first feature, we spoke to Birmingham, AL rapper Sage Williams who will be releasing his debut album “Lost” this Friday.  

I understand “Lost” has been in the making for quite a while. How long have you been working on it, and what was the creative process like?

"I worked on an album that became lost for a total of 3 years. I had a different title at first, and after a hard drive crash I scrapped most of the songs, remade some of the beats, and completely switched the concept of the album. Sometimes you’re just not in the right creative space to make something you were, say a year ago. So it’s kind of funny, if I don’t finish an album quick enough, I can’t really happily put it out! It’s old. Even “Lost” is starting to get to that point for me. I’m already preparing my next style. Upgrading the brand. People compliment the most recent thing I put out and I always go, “Oh, man, you’re not even ready for what I’m working on.” I think that’s a good feeling as an artist."

What would you say are the main themes of the record?

"The album is meant to place the listener in my shoes. It’s supposed to retell my experience as a young black man in the southern United States, not only through experiences with racism but regular 20-year-old stuff that black and white people experience--love, having dreams, you know, relating to humanity. I want people to relate to me and realize I could have been Mike Brown. I wanted to be like the voice all the black lives lost to police violence and racism. Because they can’t defend themselves, but maybe if you see I’m just like Mike Brown, I smoke weed, I rap, but I have feelings and emotions and I’m not a monster...maybe then you see why that case is an obvious murder cover-up. And a bad one at that."

If you had to name a favorite song off of “Lost” what would it be?

"My favorite song off “Lost” changes a lot but right now it’s probably “Mango Tree”."

You just released a pretty intense music video for “Alone.” What was the concept behind the video?

"The “Alone” video is really just supposed to depict the emotions I’m expressing in that song. I think a lot of people were surprised to see that concept and me shooting myself. It was just a really personal song and I had to get naked and let those feelings out for the sake of making something strong, you know?"

What can we expect from Sage Williams after the album?

"More hits. More wins. More."

You can check out all things Sage Williams at and stream his debut album “Lost” this Friday on all streaming services.

By: Lucas Markham