After 23 long years, Leonardo DiCaprio has finally got his hands on an Oscar.

It all started in 1993 with What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?

Gilbert Grape (Jonny Depp) is a 24-year old grocery clerk caring for his obese mother and mentally disabled brother Arnie (Leo). Young Leo’s performance undoubtedly brought us all to tears. He earned a nomination for Best Supporting Actor, but Tommy Lee Jones for The Fugitive snagged the first of many well deserved Oscars from DiCaprio.

He managed to successfully pull off a South African Accent in The Aviator

Leo stars in a Martin Scorsese-directed biopic following the life of billionaire aviation tycoon and filmmaker, Howard Hughes. In this 2004 film, Leo blows us away with his dedication to the part as he flawlessly nails a South African accent. In addition to the successful execution of the South African dialect, Leo’s overall performance was exceptional. He delved so deep into the world of OCD that he actually developed the condition. Although the film received the most nominations and wins at the 77th Academy award, DiCaprio was crushed by Jamie Foxx, who won for Ray.

He just wasn’t good enough in Blood Diamond

Two unlikely partners- a white South African mercenary (Leo) and a black Mende fisherman (Djimon Hounsou) work to recover a missing gem while a civil war rages around them. Sorry Leo, but you just weren’t good enough. Forest Whitaker won that year for The Last King of Scotland and damn well deserved it.

All we can say in regards to the Revenant is- “Finally”

While exploring the uncharted wilderness in 1823, legendary frontiersman Hugh Glass (Leonardo DiCaprio) sustains injuries from a brutal bear attack. He must utilize his limited resources to stay alive. DiCaprio proves to the Academy that he will do absolutely anything to win his precious Oscar, whether that be sleeping inside an animal carcass or eating raw bison for the film (Ew.) Well, it worked. After multiple attempts, Leo finally won an Oscar at the 88th Academy Awards

By: Genna Schindel