“Black Skinhead”- (Remix) ft. Miley Cyrus & Travis Scott

On January 21st, Ye decided to drop his Black Skinhead remix as an early GOOD Friday's present. Alongside Mr. West is hip hop pioneer Travis Scott and the ever talked about Miley Cyrus. They both murdered the song. Sampling the 80s hit “Everybody Wants To Rule The World” by Tears for Fears, its execution completely enhanced the vibe of the song, blending the hard content, a brighter beat, and 3 great artists. Weeks later I’m still bumping this track.

By: K. High

“Might Be Wrong”- Vince Staples (ft. Haneef Talib aka GeNNo & eeeeeeee)

Though Vince Staples’ excellent album, Summertime ‘06 came out June 30 of last year, I have found myself hooked on it again, and to “Might Be Wrong” in particular. Its relevancy and importance unwavering, the track has an unforgettable level of gravitas that prevents me from ever skipping it, no matter how long ago it came out. With stunning harmonies driving the song and backed by strings and bass that strike something deeper in the listener, the song demands immediate attention and holds it right through to the end.

By: Rachel Blackman

"Ring” - Ye Ali (Feat. dutchboy)

My pick for song of the week is Ye Ali’s “Ring.” While somewhat reminiscent of the style of artists such as PARTYNEXTDOOR and Bryson Tiller, Ali has a great original sound. With a smooth and ultra-catchy delivery on top of some superb production from SAP and additional vocals from dutchboy, “Ring” is a track that I’ve been playing non-stop.

By: Lucas Markham

“Adventure”- Cheat Codes & Evan Gardner

My theme song of the week is definitely “Adventure” by Cheat Codes & Evan Gardner. This single was released in April of 2015 and quite frankly I wish it came into my life sooner. Adventure’s upbeat vibes and fire lyrics follow me to class and to the gym. It’s one of those songs you can keep on repeat and trust will never get old. I highly suggest this song to anyone who’s in a good mood or needs to be danced out of a funk.

By: Genna Schindel