Wednesday night Syracuse had a special treat from Bandersnatch performers Smino and Anderson .Paak.

Smino, an engaging young performer kicked the night off in a big way bringing the audience in close and even running out into the crowd to dance and rap. His talent was on full display with fast bars and smooth vocals. His producer, Monte Booker, even showed up with Smino. Setting the mood for a great night, some highlights of his were "Kolors" and Oxygen."

Next up was Anderson .Paak. His name is everywhere right now, and for good reason. His performance was energized, exciting, and a pure joy to watch. Taking over the mic and wailing on the drums, .Paak showed his musicianship and his ability to carry a show. He stood on speakers, he ran in the crowd, and he made sure that nobody left without their minds blown. With the talent and live show to convert any non-fan, he is on track to rule the world just as he ruled our school. Some highlights were, "Put Me Thru" and the explosive "Drugs".

By: Rachel Blackman