For those who don’t know who Hannibal Buress is, you’re missing out. In fact, such a thing would seem so foreign because this man is kind of everywhere. I mean yes, when you’re famous the exposure is everywhere, but Hannibal is so common that is seems like he’s coming with the projects. Coming out of Chicago, Illinois, Hannibal Buress is a comedian that has no limits. From the screen to his own set at SXSW, let me introduce you to Mr. Medium himself.

When his name increasingly started to escalate back in 2010, no one predicted that the rise would last this long. He started writing for TV’s most notable weekend special, Saturday Night Live in 2009 before he did his first comedy album entitled “My Name Is Hannibal” just a year later. From SNL to 30 Rock, he traded shows for his writing and like many comedians do have a change of pace, so he quit. You would think that this man was insane for dropping such an opportunity but where talent really is, will excel. Following he dropped his second comedy album “Animal Furnace” and the lift-off has been speedy from then.

I rather not introduce his style or what his set would be like, I rather leave that to him. But what I can tell you is that this man is an example of a true character. Hannibal is the type to sip wine out of a plastic cup. You know, the type to buy seeded grapes and count out exact change when a line is behind him. The type to talk the entire plane ride and the type to have every channel with no remote. In conclusion, Hannibal is the type to use your microwave and leave the door open after; this man’s thinking is extraordinary, to say the least.

Co-starring on the Eric Andre show, Hannibal is one of those comedians who just might come at you personally more than he tells his own jokes. He also stars in a show that we are very familiar with here at SU, Broad City. We had Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson back in the first semester so it’s only right that we fulfill the deal with Hannibal. From the roast of Justin Bieber to Syracuse University, our hopes are high as we welcome Comedy Central’s own Hannibal Buress. We do have one request for Mr. Buress though; take it easy on the Cosby jokes. Don’t miss out, something is telling me that this show will be one of the best this year has seen. Hannibal Buress will be performing on March 31st in Goldstein Auditorium. Tickets are 5$ with SU/ESF ID, and doors open at 7:15pm.


By: K. High