Jace Vertigo - “Angel Express”

This week I haven't been able to stop going back to Jace Vertigo’s “Angel Express.” The track is produced by Jay the Prophet of the Virtual Ghosts production team, and features another recent Virtual Ghosts collaborator, NOAH. “Angel Express” appears to be Jace’s first ever release, yet the quality of the music clearly shows a lot of time and effort spent behind it. Jace’s autotuned voice glides over the spacey production, NOAH offers a guest spot just as smooth, and Dan Whiteman’s guitar brings the track to the next level.

 By: Lucas Markham

Appleby (ft. Anthony White)- “BITTER BOY”

A combination of soulful vocals and spoken sections backed by a hard hitting beat with darkness and melancholia makes “BITTER BOY” a fresh track with a powerful gravitas that hasn’t lost its weight for me in the entire ten months it’s been released. I have been on a heavy Appleby kick recently, and this is my choice for song of the week. I have also of course been listening to Kendrick’s untitled unmastered., but we all knew I would be. This was the unexpected choice, and for that reason it has earned its spot on this list.

By: Rachel Blackman

Coldplay- “Yellow”

This classic Coldplay throwback brings me to tears on the first strum. It’s a song you feel in the pit of your stomach with every note. “Yellow” was released on Coldplay’s debut album, Parachutes in 2000. The song evokes a nostalgic feeling, as we near the end of the Coldplay era. 2016 brings the band’s farewell tour, and their sound will truly be missed.

 By: Genna Schindel

NuYork Nights At 21 ++ - Lil Uzi Vert

I’ve just recently caught on to the wave of Lil Uzi Vert, but I’m caught nonetheless. Coming out of Philly, Lil Uzi is one of my artists to look out for. There’s something about his sound that clicks in my brain. He does it a little different than everyone else. This was the first Lil Uzi track that I’ve heard and I was hooked right away. This is for when your eyes are low and your mind is at ease. 

By: K. High