Syracuse does not hold back when it comes to Block Party. Booking acts that go hard and bring the party, this school pulls out the big guns for the last big concerts of the school year. 

Take the last three lineups for an example. 50 Cent came to turn up with Kygo and Rae Sremmurd last year, two exciting younger acts and a classic to bring it home. 

Before Fiddy, Sremm, and Kygo came Zedd, 2Chainz, and Brazabelle, further showed how much electronic and rap fans alike can enjoy their night.

Finally, three Block Parties ago was Ke$ha, Trey Songz, and Drop City Yacht club.

With huge acts that have only gotten sharper towards the desires of the Syracuse students, Block Party is a staple in the university's culture, and this year's roster is sure to impress.

By: Rachel Blackman