What a night with Hannibal Buress. If you missed the show last Thursday, I’m sorry. Like the majority of the people in the audience, I had never seen a Hannibal set. Therefore, I had no expectations, but his set ended up being one of the most remarkable events of the year. The fact that he implanted a live DJ in his set rather than actual house music was clutch. Not only was it more genuine to the audience, but the selection of songs was as abstract as the jokes Hannibal told. The vibe was completely different, offering Chance the Rapper over the ideal Future for pre-lit music. I moved seats twice and by the second time I sat down, the house was full.

His opener Janelle James was so funny that we could’ve paid to see her in a separate show. Don’t get me wrong, opening acts have talent but she set the bar really high. What stood out about her was her level of comfortability. Wasting no time, there was no intermission between her and Hannibal so our laughs continued literally all night.

This man, Hannibal Buress came out more confident than any performer I had ever seen. You could tell he was really about to do this thing. After killing our hopes of continuing past the Final Four in the NCAA Tournament, he showed us that we were in the right place again. I don’t know what was funnier, the actual jokes that he was telling or the fact that he had himself dying of laughter the whole time as well. His interaction with the audience was insane. Some comedians execute the set but luckily Hannibal kept it real, unorthodox, making everyone in the audience feel like we were actually a part of the show.

Right when I thought it couldn’t get any better, this man started rapping and brought out dancers. Yes, you read that right, dancers, ballerina dancers. Don’t ask me what was going on because I honestly couldn’t tell you but what I can tell you is that I had never seen anything like that before in my life. I guess we had a taste of SXSW all over again because he performed that song like he was on a world tour. I’ve never been so disappointed to see something end at Syracuse University but I was satisfied nonetheless. This was the perfect start to the weekend. Hannibal Buress did his thing.

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By K. High