Marshmello is an EDM artist who rose to prominence after beginning to mysteriously release songs on SoundCloud. He is known for always being masked, hidden behind the face of a marshmallow. This, along with his music, which he describes as “deep, fluffy, hybrid melodic sexy trap house” has earned him quite the cult following; don’t be surprised to see some fans rocking homemade Marshmello masks at Juice Jam. Lucky for us, what Marshmello is really known for is his live sets, which never fail to be a crazy time.


Stephen is an electronic producer, singer, and songwriter from California. He is a unique artist in that he is known equally for his electronic production as he is for his songwriting and singing. This combination should make for a compelling live show experience

By: Lucas M


The comeback has been real. What does it do to an artist when they don’t even get credit for their biggest hit? We all know “Cha Cha” was an original song by D.R.A.M, but when people connect the dots, they trace the hit to Drake’s “Hotline Bling”. I mean, this is what happens in the music industry but only the best artists prevail. After selling out shows across the entire country with Chance the Rapper and recently knocking Drake off of the Billboard 100 for the #1 spot, D.R.A.M is simply put, killing the game right now. I don’t even have to go into his discography, just click the links below and vibe with us at Juice Jam next Sunday.

By K. High

Fetty Wap

If you haven’t heard of Fetty Wap in the past two years, feel free to crawl out from the rock you’ve been living under. With one of the fastest and most startling come-ups in hip-hop, Fetty has displayed his stone cold hustle and capability to create banger after banger after banger. His signature raspy tone sits his music somewhere between accessible pop and rap and, much like the pies he’s been cooking with his “Trap Queen”, the world has eaten it up completely.

By: Rachel B

Tove Lo

Tove lo is a Swedish singer-songwriter. She has recently made the transition from songwriter to solo artists. Her debut EP, Truth Serum, went Top Twenty in her own country and “Habits”, her  most successful track, can be heard on the radio in the U.S. Tove Lo is a star on the rise, and we are lucky enough to have her performing live at Juice Jam September 25th


LOLO is a show stopping artist who not only has a great stage presence but is also considered an incredible songwriter. Her newest album “In Loving Memory of When I Gave a Shit” reflects her journey from Tennessee to the stages of New York to London and back. She has everything to offer, from her experience on broadway in “Spring Awakening” to her unparalleled songwriting skills. LOLO is a fiery soul that will be taking on our stage in less than a week.

By: Genna Schindel