Last Sunday we were honored to host the legendary, James Franco. His quick humor and charming stage presence all held us captive as he spoke in Goldstein auditorium. Lexi did a wonderful job at moderating the event and asked questions that prompted humorous yet insightful answers from Franco. The question that triggered the biggest response  was, "What emojis would you use describe your life?". Franco replied, "A baby, a comedic character face, a heart, a heartbreak, and a big smile. I thought the baby emoji was quite clever.  The talk with Franco was littered with his quick humor but also filled with countless stories about his life and career. He spoke about his role in Freaks and Geeks, which Franco said was "the first thing I ever did that was good". We all know Franco as a comedic actor, typically alongside his good friend Seth Rogen (the perfect dynamic duo), but Franco said he used to be more interested in dramas (*gasps*). He realized years after Freaks and Geeks that comedy was his calling; it simply got a better response from his audiences and critiques. Franco also gave advice on nerves and made the point that "If people don't like this, it is not my fault". He explained that sometimes the scripts are not any good, which is out of his control and sometimes people just have a different opinion on his work. Franco's biggest advice was to invest everything you have and obsess over your work until you have done your best. Why do it if you're not going to do it the best you possibly can?