University Union’s Cinema Board has the campus covered this semester with the screening of Marvel’s Doctor Strange. Doctor Strange is the fourteenth edition of Marvel Universe with visual and magical elements that are not present in any other Marvel worlds. Benedict Cumberbatch stars in the role of Stephen Strange, an acclaimed neurosurgeon who loses the use of his hands in a car accident. In attempt to restore feeling in his hands, Doctor Strange is taken in by the Ancient One, who has a skill set that is inevitably unmatched. As he begs for power and learns how to navigate himself through multiple dimensions, Doctor Strange is challenged with the consequences of defying nature.

Marvel rarely disappoints with its plots and comics. The aspect that truly separates Doctor Strange from other films is the use of magical visual effects, created with over 1,450 enhancing shots. These trippy effects earned Doctor Strange the Hollywood Visual Effects Award at the Hollywood Film Awards. The aspect of inception and eastern mysticism leaves viewers captivated and sitting straight up in their seats. Whether this film is seen in 3D or not, Doctor Strange messes with the minds of its audience and adds coins to the golden chair of Marvel. Despite past successes, Doctor Strange was deemed as the most “satisfying entry since Spider-Man 2” by Peter Debruge of Variety. With underlying improvements, Marvel has yet to leave viewers disappointed. Doctor Strange confuses and intrigued you all in the same breath. If you have yet to see it, don't worry, University Union has you covered. The release date is soon to be announced. 


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