On Saturday night, comedy acts The Lucas Brothers and T.J. Miller took the stage in Goldstein Auditorium- and they did not disappoint.

Showtime began at 8:00 PM, as The Lucas Brothers took to the stage. As part of the routine, or perhaps part of their typical selves, the two wore nearly identical outfits, and approached the audience in a friendly, relaxed manner. They stood in front a large projection of a circa-2002 wrestling photo of The Rock for the entirety of their set, sporadically addressing his superstar status and potential presidential campaign (of which they’re in full support). The Lucas Brothers contemplated life, death, and everything in between, in a lighthearted manner that transcended throughout the auditorium. 

Following a light, easy set by The Lucas Brothers, T.J. Miller brought some fire to the stage. He walked out and grabbed the microphone, and while screaming into the crowd immediately got everyone involved in his routine. He made several references to the previous performers, interacted with audience members, and even managed to hold a one-way conversation with the anonymous student running the spotlight. The Denver native, decorated in a fresh blue suit and gold chain, used energy and absurdism to excite the crowd and bring laughter throughout the whole auditorium.

The show was a success, as two hilarious acts brought laughs to a full house of students.