The Saturday night show featured exciting performances by three dynamic acts.

This semester’s Bandersnatch Concert Series kicked off as Roseville took the stage in Goldstein Auditorium for the first time. The SU student/producer, rocking a beanie and Domino’s hoodie, introduced himself to the listeners below, and started his set off on a strong note. As the crowd continued to grow, their energy did as well; Roseville chose massive future bass tracks to help build steam in his set. Among the songs he played were a number of his own remixes, including his redo of ODESZA’s classic, “Say My Name.” As his set came to a close, the producer introduced his latest flip, a remix to “Bodies,” supported by original artist Cody Lovaas- the track rocked Goldstein Auditorium, and set the tone for an energetic follow-up performance from the second act, Khary.


Next to perform was Khary, the emerging young rapper from Providence, Rhode Island. He ran out on stage with tons of energy to seamlessly follow Roseville’s lively set. Khary introduced himself and informed the crowd that he was excited to be in Syracuse for the first time. The young rapper kept the energy high as he bounced across the stage and engaged in dialogue with listeners below- he even climbed the barricade between the stage and the pit, drawing fans to jump with him to the beat of tracks such as “Find Me,” “2AM Thirst Ballad,” and newly released banger “1-800-IDGAF.” The set also featured several unreleased tracks from his upcoming album, set to come out later this year. His energy traversed throughout the auditorium, setting the stage properly for the headlining act.

After Khary left the crowd with an undeniable liveliness, Mura Masa went on to build energy throughout Goldstein Auditorium. As Mura Masa arrived on stage, the soft-spoken 21-year-old immediately dove into the first track on his self-titled album, “Messy Love,” complementing the measured beats of the track with his own voice. Along with “Messy Love,” Mura delivered stand-out tracks “Nuggets,” “Lotus Eater,” “Love$ick,” and “Firefly”—all of which were accompanied by Fliss, his versatile vocalist that sings the guest vocals on each track. While most expected a DJ set, the live vocals delivered by Fliss and Mura displayed the ever-changing face of his various projects, specifically songs from his self-titled debut Mura Masa. As he transitioned between songs, the British producer seamlessly crossed from instrument to instrument all while remaining incredibly focused, reinforcing his broad talents as a musician. While the multi-instrumentalist continued to push through his set, the crowd began to anticipate every build and drop, and prepared for the drops in a pulsing manner. Overall, Mura’s quiet confidence and dance-worthy set were received well by the crowd and left everyone craving more from the multifaceted artist.


By PJ Walshe and Sabrina Ghantous

Photos by: Liam Sheehan