University Union’s Bandersnatch Concert Series is kicking off the spring semester with a very talented lineup. Bandersnatch will be kicked off with the emerging artists Russ and MadeinTYO, both artists are very exciting because of their unique style of music and impact on the music industry. This show will be a special one, and is definitely not something to miss out on.  

Russ Vitale, better known as his stage name Russ, has been challenging the music industry with his raw and honest talent. Although he is referred to as a new artist because of the recently gained fame, making music is nothing new to him. For 10 years, he has devoted years to the studio and prides himself on the authenticity of his craft. Russ does it all, such as producing, engineering, mixing, singing, and rapping. He has released a new song on Soundcloud weekly which has gained 40 million listeners, and released 11 albums with the rap group DIEMON before recently signing to Columbia Records. This was controversial because he has made a confident statement about being an independent artist, however it must be made clear that Russ has shaped his career all on his own before the help of Columbia Records. With his impressive songs, “Pull the Trigger”, “What They Want”, and “Exposed”, Russ has worked endlessly to reach success in his career while staying true to who he really is as an artist. It’s refreshing to see a musician in today’s industry who is very genuine to his true values.

Twitter: @russdiemon

Soundcloud: Russ

MadeinTYO, pronounced “Made in Tokyo”, has made a name for himself in the industry because of his unique style and spin on hip-hop. Living in Tokyo for six years didn’t just inspire his stage name, it also influenced his entire unique sound that has pleasantly surprised the industry. When he moved to Atlanta after Tokyo, he started crafting his first EP, titled You Are Forgiven in 2015. Two songs that you may know are “Uber Everywhere” Featuring Travis Scott and “I Want” Featuring 2 Chainz. This EP impressively reached 32 million streams on Soundcloud and entered the Billboard Hot 100 chart. However, he didn’t stop there. He continued to challenge himself by releasing a new EP called Thank You, Mr. Tokyo in 2016. This project includes songs such as, “Skateboard P” and “Mr. Tokyo”. MadeinTYO is determined to grow as an emerging artist and prove that he can come back impressively with new songs that make a splash in the music industry.

Twitter: @madeintyo



By Josie Strick