Last Friday, University Union held its first Bandersnatch show of the spring semester featuring headliners MadeInTYO and Russ. With two of Atlanta’s rising stars, it was inevitable that a huge crowd would be attracted to whatever venue served as home court. From the usual Schine Underground, this semester’s Bandersnatch show was held in a much needed and bigger area. As Goldstein Auditorium filled with students and residents of the university and city, the speakers thumped as heavy as our hearts did with the adrenaline and hype provided from set to set. Syracuse native Ye set the fire off with gasoline, going through a playlist of nothing but unpredictable drops and calm entrancing vibes. Named as one of Run the Trap’s 25 Artist to Watch 2017, this should be a big year for Ye as he prepares to perform at this year’s SXSW Trap Nation Showcase.


Following Ye was rising star MadeInTYO. Most people know his name and sound from his platinum record called “Uber Everywhere”, but that song was just the beginning. As he explained to me how he’s lived in multiple places such as Hawaii, Virginia, Tokyo, and San Diego, he credited the rise of his music to Atlanta. He further explained to me that in his 6 years in Tokyo, he found himself, allowing for him to find his sound. His energy on stage had the crowd rocking from foot to foot with heavy smiles and head nods. His vibe was so strong that even as a spectator, you felt as if you were performing right along with him. He brought us back to debut EP You Are Forgiven before covering a few more songs from Thank You, Mr. Tokyo. By the time “Skateboard P” came into rotation, everyone’s mood was already at its peak. At this point, there was no coming down.


Russ was undoubtedly one of the fastest growing artists of 2016. Although he has been writing, mixing, and producing his own music for over 10 years, it wasn’t until 2014 when his Soundcloud suddenly hit 40 million plays. Just a couple of years later, he received a well-deserved contract from Columbia Records, marketing his name and brand further across the country in the year 2016. Already hype from Ye and MadeInTYO, Russ came out in his orange Syracuse jersey and served as the perfect main event due to his versatile and fluid set. Watching the audience react made me truly witness the impact of his music; it turned adults into kids. For an hour I watched people jump and scream, even those diesel men who never try to smile. The floor opened up and as he performed, people were literally dancing everywhere He ended with his first Billboard Hot 100 hit, “What They Want,” and from then, Friday night had officially began.

By K. High

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