"My name is Caitlin Russell. I am a Senior at Syracuse and I love being involved in University Union. Being involved in UU has been a crucial part of my time at Syracuse. I've learned so much and have made so many lifelong friends. I love what we do and that we get to bring all these great experiences to the student body. It has been such a rewarding 4 years."

- Caitlin Russell, Public Relations Director, University Union

"Hi. My name is Peter Menaker. I came to Syracuse University barely knowing anybody but luckily, quickly found a group of friends. Although everything was working out, my mom constantly bugged me to join an organization so I can put it on my resume.  After a lot of procrastination, one of my friends suggested that I joined this club called University Union. During my second semester with the organization, I started coming to the UU offices and talked to tons of new people. I quickly realized how many students enjoy and benefit from the free movies that we show every weekend. I gained a passion for UU cinemas and believed that it was my responsibility that all our movies went off without a flaw while ensuring that all students had a positive and enjoyable experience. I currently am the Director of Cinemas and without a doubt, University Union was the best decision I made in college."

- Peter Menaker, Cinemas Director, University Union

"I do social media for UU which is so much fun but so much pressure. I have nightmares about posting an important UU announcement on my personal Instagram or even worse posting a finsta on the UU insta."

- Anna Simone, Social Media Team, University Union

"Before coming to Syracuse, I was exposed to a lot of experiences that undoubtedly propelled creativity and work ethic but never had an opportunity to see my ideas in motion. Recently my co-director and I booked Russ, MadeinTYO, and student opener, ye., for the Bandersnatch Concert Series in Goldstein Auditorium. It was a pretty insane experience and seemed like everyone in attendance had a good time. It was pretty crazy experiencing that on a Friday and then having to come back to reality for an exam on Monday."

- Gavin Blasier, Bandersnatch Co-Director, University Union

"Syracuse has given me a new place to call home. UU has given me another. My friends know that UU is calling when I say I'm "heading to the office," but I'll always be happy to answer that call. I'm constantly surrounded by people from all walks of life who are all so different - and so much cooler than me - but all share a passion for one thing: entertainment. As Social Media Marketing Director, with the help of an amazing team, I do my best to inform people about all things UU. I also have anxiety about posting personal things on UU accounts, so I'm crossing my fingers that doesn't happen. That would be pretty awkward." 

- Samantha Sarno, Social Media Marketing Co-Director, University Union

"My name is Andrew Idarraga, and I’m a member of the marketing team this semester. I study in the Bandier program and wanted to do something fun that applied to my major. I found UU, and in it, I found a great group of people from all different walks of life with totally different interests."

- Andrew Idarraga, Marketing Team, University Union

"Hi! My name is Alyssa Goldberg and I’m a sophomore Television, Radio, and Film major. I’ve grown up around the entertainment industry in my hometown of LA and have loved performing and had a passion for music and film since I was very young. I am currently part of the marketing team for UU and love the new opportunities and experiences that come from the organization, not to mention the incredible and inspiring people I get to work beside each day!"

"My name is Eva Baldo and I'm currently a sophomore in the Bandier program. I've been performing since I was four, whether it was dance or singing. But coming to Syracuse university I have learned to become more involved in organizations like DanceWorks and University Union. I'm currently a part of the Social Media team for UU and it's been an amazing experience with a team I'm very lucky to have. I get to learn from everyone in this organization every day and it will definitely benefit me in the future as I venture into the music and entertainment world!"

- Alyssa Goldberg, Marketing Team, and Eva Baldo, Social Media Team, University Union

"I learned about UU the summer before my freshman year at Syracuse, and knew it was something I wanted to become a part of. After joining fall semester I was asked to work my first show: TwentyOne Pilots with opener, Travis Scott in Goldstein Auditorium. It was the coolest experience watching the show unfold and meeting the artists afterwards.  Since then, I have worked over 20 different UU events leading up to and during the shows as our Marketing Director. Joining University Union was definitely the best decision I've made in college. It has helped me grow both personally and professionally and kept me off the streets of Syracuse. UU has also connected me with the most dedicated, collaborative, and fun people I know-- My closest friends and #UUCuties. In the words of @Drake, "I got a really big team."

- Kelsey Ross, Marketing Co-Director, University Union

“We had never met before until we had to collaborate for our co-director position. We came into University Union with no real prior experience with coordinating events on such a large scale and for the whole student body. But we already knew coming into it that we wanted to diversify the UU platform to be able to reach an eclectic student demographic. We also wanted to have different content discussed in our events than from past shows, and I think we accomplished that from bringing people like James Franco, to our upcoming show with Brandon Stanton. Fun fact we are both from LA. Ibi is the Ferg to my Rocky, we're jiggy, and so grateful to have had this amazing experience in bringing different acts to Syracuse University thus far. We have one more show that will be later in March, be on the lookout for the announce. Peace and good vibes.” 

- Ibi Lagundoye and Selina Mohr, Performing Arts Co-Directors, University Union