Stephen King’s “It”

Earlier this month, the most recent film adaptation of Stephen King’s “It” hit the theaters. Directed and produced by Andy Muschietti and Barbara Muschietti, the film focuses almost entirely on the childhood domain of King’s 1,100 page novel. Along with Muschietti’s commitment to Stephen King’s original mood, the film comprised well-crafted sequences that bounce back and forth between suspenseful, terrifying imagery and wistful, nostalgic humor. In the weeks following “It’s” release, the horror movie that features the infamous clown—Pennywise the Dancing Clown—has been consistently drawing people into the movie theaters, generating over $228 million at box offices nationwide. With these figures, and estimated figures to come this week, “It” is projected to be Hollywood’s highest-grossing horror movie of all time. Currently, the highest-grossing horror movie is the 1973 edition of “The Exorcist,” which collected over $232 million domestically. Additionally, “It” has already broken records and become the highest earning September release in history. Watch the trailer for the must-see movie below.

SoundCloud’s New Documentary

Previously, we looked at Los Angeles’ underground rap scene through SoundCloud’s Next Wave documentary series, and just recently, the German-based streaming platform released a new mini-documentary on Toronto’s music sector. The episode, titled “Northern Stars,” explores Toronto artists Harrison, a l l i e, M.I. Blue and Birthday Boy, while simultaneously highlighting the rising community sound that’s “a little more jiggy” compared to some of the other music from the city’s natives—dvsn and The Weeknd. The artists featured in “Northern Stars” came across each other on SoundCloud and continue to support one another. Birthday Boy captures this support in one sentence, stating “When I see someone new, especially someone dope, and they're from the city? I want to help them.” Upcoming episodes of the Next Wave documentary series will feature cities including Rio, New York, Berlin, and London. Watch the full mini-documentary “Northern Stars” below.

The Emmy’s

Though the night was filled with numerous historical moments, the 69th annual Primetime Emmy Awards didn’t generate the record-breaking ratings that it was anticipated to. While last year’s awards ceremony captured 11.4 million viewers, this year’s ceremony drew in a mere 11.3 million viewers. Some claim this is due to the two NFL games that we’re running at the same time as the Emmy’s, but criticism of the 69th annual awards ceremony didn’t end in the viewership numbers. With the rise of streaming, platforms such as Netflix and Hulu have been nominated for more awards than ever, and with over 90 nominations, Netflix was expected to win big this year. Netflix was nominated for Stranger Things, House of Cards, and The Crown, but it was Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale that repeatedly came out on top winning awards for Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series, Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series, Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series, and Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series. Additionally, one of Netflix’s most successful series, Stranger Things, left the Emmy’s with nothing after being nominated for 18 total awards. You can view the full list of winners here.

Donald Glover Teases Mixtape with Chance

Speaking of the Emmy’s, after winning two awards for his show Atlanta, Donald Glover disclosed some interesting information backstage at the 69th Primetime Emmy Awards. Reporters persistently asked Glover about new music and he responded highlighting a common pressure for artists, “I don’t ever want to do anything because I’m forced to.” He did, however, comment on the long-rumored Childish Gambino and Chance The Rapper mixtape that has been teased repeatedly over the past couple years: “If I don’t make a mixtape with Chance The Rapper, a bunch of 14-year-olds are gonna kick my ass.” Additionally, in an interview last February, Glover claimed that the two have spent time in the studio working on the project. Chance retweeted the clip of Glover teasing their mixtape at the Emmy’s below.

by Sabrina Ghantous