lovelytheband, the band behind the hit song “broken,” just released their debut album “finding it hard to smile.” Here’s what we think:

lovelytheband was formed in 2016 and consists of members Mitchy Collins, Jordan Greenwald and Sam Price. Their sound is a combination of indie alternative pop that is refreshingly new and extremely entertaining. Their hit single “broken,” released in April 2017, quickly shot up the Billboard charts and was one of the hits of this past summer. The band finally released their debut album “finding it hard to smile” in August 2018. It’s rare that a band puts out an album where you don’t skip a single song, but this is one of them. The band’s unique upbeat sound combined with their honest and relatable lyrics create a perfect mix. Here are a few highlights:


“broken” tells the story of meeting a girl at a party who you instantly relate to. The two characters connect over the fact that they’re both broken. It relates to wanting a sense of connection and knowing that you’re not alone or unlovable.

"your whatever"

This song tells the story of unrequited love. It is a personal and beautiful love song to someone who doesn’t love you back. The singer is so desperate to be with this person in any way possible, as seen through the chorus “I’ll be your right now, I’ll be your forever, or I’ll be your last call, I’ll be your whatever.” It’s an incredibly relatable and emotional song (and my personal favorite).

"these are my friends"

This song is the ultimate ode to your friends. The chorus repeats “These are my friends, these are my friends, I love them, I love them.” It describes an unbreakable bond of friendship and acceptance. You can’t help but smile and think about your friends as you listen.

It’s the newest single from the album, and you can find the video here:

"make you feel pretty"

This is a very upbeat and playful song about a girl from a small town who lies about who she is and reinvents herself as a party girl. The singer jokes that she tries to sound posh and from London, but he knows she’s actually from Ohio. The girl goes out all the time and charms men, but only for their money. He spends all his money to make her feel pretty, hence the title. This song is very upbeat and catchy, and will probably remind you of someone you know.

“stupid mistakes”

Everyone has sent a drunk text that they regretted, or sent a risky message only to be left on read. This song is extremely relatable, especially in college. The chorus echoes a thought that many of us have probably had, “We all make stupid mistakes sometimes, But I make them more than most.” This song is about messing up a relationship with someone that you really cared about. It’s brutally honest and stripped back but still impactful. Listening to it allows you to release your own regrets and frustrations, and realize that you’re not the only one who makes mistakes.

“finding it hard to smile” is out now and available to stream on all major streaming platforms

By Annelise Hackett