He came, he cooked, and he charmed the audience. Here are the top 5 moments from Antoni Porowski’s cooking demonstration/ Q&A!

  1. Let’s talk food (obviously)

    Antoni showed off his culinary skills by making a carrot salad with dates, almonds and oranges topped off with a vinaigrette. It was healthy, delicious and easy to make in right in your dorm room. He also brought out some surprise sou chefs– the homecoming queen and king! Whenever you’re feeling tired of the same dining hall food, definitely take a break and try out his recipe!

  2. Boy does he love Syracuse

    “Hey Siri, who won the Syracuse game today?” Antoni opened up with celebrating the football team’s win earlier in the day, to which the crowd erupted cheering. Also, he showed some Syracuse pride by representing one of our very own local restaurants; Strong Hearts, by wearing one of their t-shirts!

  3. We heard his food journey

    Can you believe that Antoni didn’t know what instant ramen was until last month? He was bit by the cooking bug during his childhood and it followed him all the way to college, where he was more inclined to cook a risotto to share with friends than simply microwave something. Later in his career, he worked as a personal assistant to Ted Allen, the food and wine connoisseur in the original production of Queer Eye For the Straight Guy, and now the host of Chopped. Years later, Antoni has taken over Allen’s role in the new Netflix reboot and has become everyone’s favorite heartthrob on the show.

  4. The Q & A

    The student Q&A lended itself to great questions and even better answers. The audience got to learn more about Antoni, his experience on Queer Eye and his relationship with the rest of the Fab Five. He shared that the five of them have a group chat that’s mainly used for sharing gifs and memes! Antoni also shared that his favorite moment in his Queer Eye journey so far was having his dad tell him how proud he was of his accomplishments. He also talked about his newly opened restaurant in New York City; The Village Den, which serves healthy food for people on the go!

  5. His message to us

    Wrapping up his talk, Antoni emphasized the importance of friendship and asked everyone to “Tell each other that you love each other.” College can be stressful, but it’s important to reach out and “break bread” with your friends and loved ones whenever you can!


Antoni did not disappoint and this was definitely an event to remember!

By Annelise Hackett