This semester’s Bandersnatch Concert started off when Melii owned the stage in Goldstein Auditorium. With her trendy style and energetic stage presence, she definitely made her mark. The crowd matched her energy and she was the perfect hype woman to kick off the show!

Next on the stage was Valee and UU had the chance to talk to him about his career and future plans.

Did the music you grew up with in Chicago have a strong influence on your sound?

V: It could have a lot to do with my sound now. I try not to sound like anything i’ve heard and If i’m working with a producer I try to shoot for stuff i’ve never heard, and words I never really hear anybody say.

A lot of people have said that your rap style isn’t very typical and they can’t categorize it, did you set out to create your own style or did it just come naturally?

V: It came naturally. I do remember sitting in the house and trying to record myself make beats and figure out how I wanted to sound. I think it came from finally finding beats that I liked and it made me come up with the way I wanna sound.

What can we expect from you next year, and what are your goals for the future?

V: Well next year i’m sure it’s a lot of shows and big festivals. I don’t know what im gonna act in next but I do like acting. I have a project coming out this December and I’ll probably do a project in January so I’m just gonna play a lot of music next year.

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After Valee left the crowd buzzing, Sahbabii took the stage with his hype man by his side. He started with his hit “Womp Womp” and performed songs from his new album “Squidtastic.” When we asked what album he was currently listening to, he responded “My album Squidtastic.”

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If you missed Bandersnatch this year, make sure to check out Melii, Valee, and Sahbabii on our Spotify!

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By Rachel Simon