He can give you a tattoo, he can fix your car and he can rap. Meet Valee, your not so typical rapper.

You might not know Valee’s name yet, but you will soon. Chicago native Valee is a relative newcomer to the rap game, but making a huge impact. Before music, he held a variety of odd jobs, including as a car mechanic. Working as a mechanic inspired him to start making music; he always wanted to have good music to blast in his car. One day, he decided to take a spontaneous trip to Guitar Center and bought a microphone and recording equipment. At 30, he’s a little bit of a latecomer to the rap game, but he’s making his mark. His single “Womp Womp,” featuring Jeremih, came out this May and showcased his signature flow over a catchy beat. Check it out below!

Valee stands out from typical rappers because of his unique DIY style. He’s an incredibly creative person who channels his energy through outlets such as fashion, art and, of course, music. His raps are generally softer and very narrative. It makes him stand out from other rappers, even the ones who try to copy his style. He also uses unique beats to ensure that his songs sound like ones he’s never heard before. Valee also keeps his songs short, with only a few going over three minutes, to make sure people pay attention. Take, for example, his song “Shell.” It’s just under two minutes long, and currently has over 1 million views on Youtube.

Valee is making noise, even if it’s quiet, and people are listening, including people like Kanye West. West signed Valee to his label G.O.O.D Music in February earlier this year. Kanye is not only Valee’s friend but also his fan, stating, “Valee’s style is the most popular style in rap, period.” He also produced Valee’s EP “GOOD Job, You Found Me,” which was released in February. Valee was recently hanging out in Kanye’s office with other huge names in the rap industry, such as ASAP Rocky, ASAP Bari, John Monopoly, Barber, and Rio Mac.

While Valee has been enjoying his newfound fame, he’s still very hands-on and more reserved. He still makes a lot of his own clothing and even built a bar in his manager’s house. He enjoys cooking and hanging out with his two dogs, a Yorkie and Chihuahua. His creative passions add depth to his music and personality. His nontraditional rap persona translates to his nontraditional rap music.

You need to check him out, and this year’s Bandersnatch concert is the perfect place to! Bandersnatch is on Nov. 14th at 8 p.m. and tickets are on sale now at the box office. Get yours soon and make sure to catch Valee’s set!

By Annelise Hackett