This past October, Queen came back to the stage in a whole new way. Or maybe not so new? Rami Malek portrayed the late Freddie Mercury in the Queen biopic; Bohemian Rhapsody. The moment this movie trailer surfaced, people went crazy. And it makes perfect sense. Queen has given us music that we all love and has made us all feel like champions. Songs like Under Pressure, We Will Rock You, Love of My Life, Radio Ga-Ga and more are featured in the film, so it’s almost impossible not to sing along.

The movie was described to me as a “spiritual experience” and to be honest, I wholeheartedly agree. Bohemian Rhapsody portrayed the life of Freddie Mercury and how a group of misfits, became what we know as Queen. Emotions were high during this movie. It made me laugh, cry, and cheer. Sometimes simultaneously. The movie touched on aspects of Freddie’s life that we may not have been aware of. The legendary lead singer of the band had a unique and outrageous stage presence, while being humble and unafraid to speak his mind off stage. Being able to watch the man who referred to himself as a “musical prostitute” take on the stage once again was truly an experience that people felt joy in seeing again. For those of us that missed the era of Freddie Mercury, this film finally gave us the chance to see the legend in action, as well as appreciate the music our parents grew up listening to.


The film tells the band’s story up until their 1985 Live Aid performance at Wembley stadium. The twenty minute set has gone down in history as the greatest rock performance of all time and the film reshot the entire performance. Malek’s every movement was so spot on that it’s hard to believe it’s not Freddie. Freddie had so much control over his audience that with just one “Ay-Oh” the crowd was in a trance.

Click here: The original Live Aid performance alongside the movie reenactment

Bohemian Rhapsody is definitely a must see movie this year. You will be instantly brought back to the era of some of the best rock music ever heard and the best stage performers ever seen. Celebrate Freddie’s memory and the rock band that is Queen, for an experience unlike any other.

By Rachel Simon