Cuse is excited to present the first ever "Cuse for Good: Social Justice." The three-part event will feature rising star, Yara Shahidi and rapper/activist, Joey Bada$$. The two will speak on a panel composed of Syracuse U. campus leaders, as well.

In preparation for the event, here are 5 five things you need to know about Yara and Joey:

Yara Shahidi

1. Michelle Obama wrote her letter of recommendation to Harvard. She'll be in the same graduating class as Malia Obama, so here's to hoping they'll be roommates.

2. She interviewed former Secretary of State and Presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton at the first ever Teen Vogue LA Summit. Check out the clip below (starts at 1:27).

3. Feel like you've seen Yara somewhere else on TV? Well you're right, since she played a young Olivia Pope on the hit show Scandal almost five years ago.

4. Her cousin is hip-hop legend, Nas. She was also the flower girl at his wedding to singer Kelis.


5. Her parents are also invested in the arts. Her dad was Prince's photographer and her mom is a commercial actress.


Joey Bada$$

1. Joey seems to have always been a fan of the Orangemen (peep the hat). Check out this 2013 video of him and the Pro Era crew being interviewed by Nardwuar at SXSW.

2. In addition to his tight flows on albums, Joey is also a crazy freestyler. Watch him destroy the "Mask Off" beat on this LA Leakers clip.

3. In December, Joey went on Twitter and said he wrote the hit "Rockstar" by Post Malone. He also cites T-Pain as a co-writer.

4. He recorded "B4.DA.$$ (Before The Money)" in the same studio that Nas recorded Illmatic.

5. He's also expanding his resume by acting in the hit TV show, Mr. Robot. Check out his screen time below.