Need new music for that study playlist or something else to bump besides Drake (we know, he always has good stuff). We've got you covered with new artists.


MGMT is hardly new to the music industry, with people still jamming out to their debut album tracks such as “Electric Feel” or “Kids.” The band, however, made a reappearance with their first album in five years titled Little Dark Age. With its recent release on February 9th, the new album stays true to MGMT’s past musical tones and colors, sounds which loyal fans appreciate. The ten-track album plays with the diversity of synthesizer elements, occasionally adding in some classic acoustic instruments, and reminds listeners of ‘80s settings. MGMT has stated that they drew inspiration from America’s current state of political and social affairs, which has become a foundation for most of their lyrics for Little Dark Age. You can listen to their new songs below:


H.E.R. (Having Everything Revealed) is most likely a familiar voice, having been featured on the popular track “Best Part” by Daniel Caesar. With a light but sensual voice that permeates throughout all of her solo tracks, she has already captivated fans at the young age of twenty. The R&B singer has released four extended plays, all of which highlight H.E.R.’s musicality in the genre. Tracks such as “Focus” and “Every Kind of Way” utilize chill beats and vocals similar to the likes of SZA or Kehlani. On the other hand, her lyrics focus on the emotional stages of falling in and out of love, which become emphasized through H.E.R.’s passionate singing. She brings a modern take on slow songs, making it fresh with her unique arrangements of music.

Jaymes Young

Hailing from Seattle, Jaymes Young emerged in the music industry as a versatile artist, dabbling in genres such as alternative rock and indie pop. His debut album Feel Something consolidates that versatility into twelve tracks, giving a spotlight to his talents as a singer-songwriter. With diverse tracks like the indie-rock “Two People” and garage-rock “Don’t You Know”, Young creates the common denominator of angsty lyrics that resonates with listeners’ heartfelt experiences with emotional connections and relationships. Not only is Young able to express the difficult mood of melancholy, he isn’t afraid to experiment with sounds that can alter the delivery of that emotion.

By Tiffany Huang