Missed out on all the news last week? We've got you covered.

Frank Ocean Interviews Timothee Chalamet

This past week on Tuesday, February 6, Timothee’ Chalamet was interviewed by one of his favorite artists, Frank Ocean. Needless to say, the internet freaked out. The interview was done for VMan Magazine and took place over the phone while Ocean was in New York, and Chalamet was in LA. Chalamet praises Ocean for his talents, while the two bonded over their love for Joaquin Phoenix. They discussed Chalamet’s recent success from his latest films; Call Me By Your Name, and Ladybird and how he is one of the most talked about names of this year. Chalamet could barely contain his excitement through the whole conversation and proceeded to tell Ocean, “I’m such a huge fan. This is going to be a real test to keep my voice level and keep this as normal of a conversation as possible.” Ocean referred to Call Me By Your Name as Chalamet's “opening song” and praised him for portraying such an important role in such a positive light. After a more serious conversation, they went back and forth about the best New York hot spots as well as superhero movies and Ellen appearances.


Travis Scott Receives Keys to Hometown

Travis Scott has been a popular name in the media these days due to the birth of his new baby girl; Stormi. Along with starting a new family with girlfriend Kylie Jenner, there is now news of Scott receiving the key to his hometown, Missouri City, Texas. Scott was given the key a few weeks after his daughter was born, by the mayor of the town. He accepted the honor with a short speech stating, “this is better than any award show I’ve ever been to.” Scott proceeded to tell the crowd, “My only job is just to inspire kids to be the best they can be, to reach their ultimate height. Everybody has a dream, and everybody can do it.” Scott felt great pride and truly showed how much he cares for and respects his hometown.


Gender Discrimination at the Grammys

Women in the music industry have been demanding their rights this year, and this continued at the 2018 Grammys. Many women chose to send letters to the Recording Academy which produces the Grammys. The letters consisted of complaints regarding the fact that there is a minimal amount of female representation in the organization, as well as few female nominees. One of the issues stated in the letters was that Neil Portnow, Recording Academy president told Variety that women in the industry need to “step up” to gain more opportunities. The letter also requested that Portnow resign from his position. The second letter took a different route by calling out the Grammys for being “...out of touch with today’s music, the music business, and even more significantly, society”. This letter was signed by six females executives in the industry. The third letter was then signed by 38 male executives in the industry to show that they stand by the women who orchestrated the writing of these letters. The letter highlighted the fact that out of all the male nominees for album of the year, Lorde being the only female nominee, was also the only one not asked to perform. As a result of this critical stand against gender discrimination, Portnow has announced that there will be a new committee to handle any issues regarding gender bias at the Recording Academy, making this a massive step for the music industry as a whole.

By Rachel Simon