It's been one wild week. Here's what you need to know:


As everyone knows the Super Bowl took place on Sunday night, but that wasn’t the only news. People cannot stop talking about how Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott finally told the world about the birth of their baby girl. The baby was born on February 1, and after remaining quiet on social media for many months, she finally made her announcement on Instagram and Twitter as she explained to the public why she chose to carry out the pregnancy in private. Along with a personal message, Kylie also shared a video documenting the journey of her pregnancy with special words from family and friends. Although the news was dropped somewhat suddenly, I know we’re all waiting eagerly to see what mark this new Kardashian will make.


Every year, the Super Bowl Halftime show is a long awaited event and with it comes a lot of opinions and judgement. Timberlake chose to honor Prince’s memory during his performance and it seems to be receiving some negative attention. Specifically, the controversy regarding Timberlake’s use of a Prince hologram. Prince fans have not forgotten the spat between Timberlake and Prince that occurred several years ago. But, despite the so called “spat”, Timberlake wowed the crowd with his perfect dance moves and winning voice. He honored Prince in the best way possible by singing "I Would Die 4 U," with a projection of Prince performing behind him. Along with the tribute, Timberlake didn’t forget to indulge us with some of his old and new hits like “SexyBack”, “Cry Me a River”, “Suit and Tie”, “Mirrors” and finished the show with an upbeat performance of “Can’t Stop the Feeling”.



Rebekah Martinez is a contestant on this year’s season of The Bachelor. While she may have been hitting it off with Bachelor Arie Luyendyk, Martinez was also getting a lot of hits when she was recognized in the missing persons section in The North Post Journal newspaper. A woman named Amy Bonner O’brien, brought attention to this and reported seeing Martinez on the Bachelor. She was reported missing by her mother, a month before her season premiered. Because she could not be reached while on the show, she was not taken off the missing persons list. Eventually, she was able to return the call and was then taken off the list. Martinez has managed to make a joke out of the incident and is continuing her time on The Bachelor as one of the youngest, most talked about contestants.

By Rachel Simon