Excited for the sick lineup of next week's Bandersnatch show? We feel the same way.

Blogger Tiffany Huang is here to give you all the info on our three amazing acts. Read more below!


An acoustic duo fronted by guitarist Max Kakacek and vocalist/drummer Julien Ehrlich, Whitney was formed in 2015, and is currently signed to label Secretly Canadian. They released their first album Light Upon the Lake in 2016, which received critical acclaim from music critics’ reviews. Their music is dubbed as indie rock but Whitney has shown that it is capable of producing various sounds. It seems that every artist from Chicago embodies the same soul. Whether the genre is rap, hip-hop, country, or in Whitney’s case indie rock, if you hail from Chi-town, you automatically have soul. In all of their tracks, and especially obvious in “No Matter Where We Go” and “The Falls”, the duo isn’t shy in utilizing the sounds that instruments can make. With lyrics inspired by Ehrlich’s relationship with his ex, the songs have a melancholy message but it's masked by the energetic intrusion of their drum beats and other diverse percussion sounds. You can be sure to see Whitney in person during Bandersnatch. Hey, even Elton John loves Whitney so definitely check out their music here: 


Hailing from Orlando, Florida, SALES is a band comprised of vocalist Lauren Morgan, guitarist Jordan Shih, and current drummer Malcolm Martin. The band is an collaborative effort in cultivating a sweet and dreamy pop unique to their quirky lyrics. Morgan and Shih met in high school Latin class and after becoming friends, they decided to form SALES a few years later. After the release of a few singles such as their first track “Renee” and “Chinese New Year”, they released their first album titled SALES LP in 2016, which is decked out with fifteen praiseworthy tracks. Their lyrics take a minimalistic approach, being not as wordy or taking the typical form of a song, but tracks like “Over” and “Mondays” are nonetheless saturated with relatable and genuine content about romance and self-discovery. With recordings set in bedroom studios, SALES has succeeded in making the most out of their resources. Morgan’s psychedelic voice is paired with intoxicating guitar riffs and beats and paints SALES as a creatively abstract and lo-fi pop band. Make sure to catch a listen to their music because you’ll be hooked: 

Charlie Burg 

If you haven’t heard of this upcoming Bandersnatch artist, then you’re probably living under a rock. Charlie Burg has been a popular name heard at Syracuse University for a while now due to his musical talent and performances around campus as well as other venues. Burg is a junior majoring in music industry and has been working on releasing the second part of his three-EP series. The multi-talented artist not only provides smooth vocals for his tracks but he can also play the acoustic and electric guitar, bass, drums and piano. Burg describes his sound as being influenced by Motown music, as well as bands like Coldplay, Weezer, etc. His first two albums Blue Wave Mosaic and One, Violet individually show his versatility as a musician. In the former, Burg channels R&B vibes in his tracks such as “Detour” whereas in One, Violet, tracks like “Duet” take on more indie and mellow sounds. He is currently being managed by two other students by the names of Andrew Idarraga and Benji Sheinman, and with about 81,000 daily Spotify listeners, Burg definitely has some big things coming in his future. Be sure to check him out here before his performance: