UU is excited to present an advanced screening of “A Star is Born.”

“A Star is Born” features two very familiar faces but will show you a side of each you’ve never seen before. Musical romantic drama “A Star is Born” is Bradley Cooper’s stunning directorial debut starring both himself and Lady Gaga.

Watch the trailer here:

The movie tells the story of Jackson Maine, played expertly by Cooper, a burnt-out rock and roll star who has lost his spark and turned to alcohol. By chance, he meets Ally, portrayed by Gaga, an aspiring singer-songwriter currently working for a catering company. He encourages her to follow her dreams and helps her succeed in the music industry. Love, tears and lots of singing ensue. Their on-screen chemistry is electric and creates an authentic and heartfelt love story. However, the film also highlights the brutal reality of the music industry. “A Star is Born” manages to balance flawed characters and reality with love and passion, creating a story that is truly captivating and moving.

The film showcases refreshingly new sides of both actors. Gaga truly embodies an unknown singer-songwriter; there is no trace of her real pop stardom or typical theatrics. Her performance is bare and honest, while still showcasing her versatility and talent. Cooper delivers an emotional and vulnerable performance of a broken but always charming man. Above all, the film reminds the audience about the power of music through passionate performances and moving lyrics. “A Star is Born” is a tale of inspiration, love, and truth that will stick with you long after you’ve left the theater.

Make sure to grab your tissues and popcorn and make your way to HBC Gifford Monday night at 8 p.m.!

And here’s a sneak peek of one of the songs from the movie:

By Annelise Hackett