“Hell nah,” a Toronto crowd yelled in unison during Loud Luxury’s hit song “Body.” Members Joe Depace and his partner Andrew Fedyk blasted their breakthrough hit, “Body,” to thousands at the Veld Music Festival. The duo tweeted a video of the massive crowd with the caption, “No Words.”  Music that has that kind of power over an audience gets us more and more hyped to experience it ourselves at Juice Jam. 


Together, they have made their mark in the music world, gathering 200 million streams on Spotify and over 30 million views on Youtube. “Body” first appeared on the Billboard top 50 in late December of 2017, but it was the following summer when the song blew up. It was recognized as "The Song of The Summer" at the iHeart Much Music Video awards, beating out far more established EDM artists like ZEDD and Marshmello.  Marshmello was nominated in the same category for his song, “FRIENDS,” featuring another one of our Juice Jam artists, Anne-Marie. If you haven’t heard the song yet, it's time to climb out from under that rock! 

The song begins with an upbeat piano and snapping sounds to get your hands clapping and your head bopping. The music stays constant as the vocals, brought to you by Brando, kick in, but once that chorus starts all bets are off. “Body on my” the chorus repeats, as it builds anticipation for the next beat drop. The bass hits hard halfway through the chorus but balances with the lighter metallic notes. Whether you are driving in your friends' car with the windows down or hanging out in your dorm room, this song feels like what the last day of school feels like. You can't help but want to jump up and down from excitement. We are more than eager for Loud Luxury’s performance, and we know they'll live up to the hype.


By Patrick Linehan