Our next Juice Jam artist that you need to see is Omar Apollo; a singer-songwriter from Indiana. Apollo self-taught himself how to play the guitar and began posting his music on SoundCloud. With his ability to mix pop, R&B, and a little bit of soul, it's no shock that he began gaining attention quickly. Apollo recently released his debut EP titled; Stereo, continuing his streak of dabbling in several different genres. He also dabbles with varying languages in his music. Despite living in Indiana all his life, his parents originated from Mexico. Apollo incorporates both Spanish and English into his music along with the soothing sound of his acoustic guitar. 


Omar's parents were never musically inclined, but that never stopped him from following his passion, even at a young age.
“My parents got me an electric guitar, and they were just like, ‘All right, here you go.'" Later on, he finally picked up an acoustic guitar from a pawn shop, and there was no going back. He was in love. Although he had a bit of a rocky start trying to master the music world on his own, he finally taught himself how to record and post on SoundCloud. Not too soon after at his first show in Bloomington, Indiana, audience members were already singing along to his lyrics, word for word. 


The EP’s most popular song, “Ugotme,” has over three million plays on Spotify and It’s easy to see why. Apollo’s magical guitar playing and smooth vocals are the perfect fit for his captivating lyrics. With the song being only two minutes, we're left wanting more. While most of his songs are relatively quick, this particular one tugs on your heart strings and truly leaves its mark. 

By Rachel Simon