Photo: Nicola Rinaldo

Photo: Nicola Rinaldo

Kenan Thompson had the sold out crowd in the Schine Underground laughing hysterically at his life story when he came to campus on Friday night. University Union had the chance to sit down with Thompson before his show "An Evening With SNL'S Kenan Thompson" began, where he talked about creating the ultimate Goodburger and how this current generation of college students has grown up with his comedy.

Kids here have been fans of yours since "All That," to your movies, to "SNL." What has that been like for you?

I think it's awesome. It's good to have your work appreciated. It's not like a normal thing I can share with someone else. I like putting smiles on peoples' faces. I'm lucky to do that on a large scale.

If you were to invent the perfect Goodburger, what would it be?

Probably a double. I never think the single burger goes far enough, but it'd be double cheesy and bacon-y. There'd be sauce on the side.

What has been the biggest difference between Nickelodeon and SNL?

Well, you can't compare anything to SNL. But the similarity is that they're sketchy comedies. The difference is now I have to write and be responsible for the material that I have to put how, which is a major difference. Before, when we were kids, they would just give us stuff and we'd throw a voice on it and a sassy little walk and that would be that.

How do you feel about performing for college audiences?

I love it, especially nowadays since they've watched Nickelodeon. They're usually fun, fun shows. I don't have a real stand up set, so it's more of, 'Let me tell you my story and have you go along with it and enjoy it' instead of joke after joke. In the moment I don't have a traditional stand up set, but I'd maybe like to get there. But I don't know if I'll ever have the time, because I like TV and movies so much — and I have a little baby.

So you've worked with a ton of people throughout your career. Who's one of your favorites?

They're all great, as long as they're not a**holes. There are a couple in there, but they don't bother me that much. They get to leave and go back to real life. But they've been fantastic, like Jim Carrey or Josh Brolin was cool. We didn't know what to expect from a Josh Brolin, but he's a Goonie. He's a legend, and he was overly cool. SNL just has one of those lists. Jeff Bridges was cool. I'd never thought I'd get to say that.

Do you learn from them?

Most definitely, especially from people like Jim Carrey. He's a perfectionist. He's still fearless to this day.

Written by: Jackie Frere