If You Know You Know

King Push is more than just a rapper who dissed Drake. His smooth lyricism met with hard knock beats agrees with the fact that he is amongst the greatest rappers today. From founding Re-Up Records with his brother, to currently being the GOOD Music president, you can’t beat this all-around music genius if you tried. If you know you know…

Pusha T, born Terrence Thornton, is originally from the boogie down Bronx (Yeeeeeeeeerrrr), but grew up in Virginia when his family relocated as a child. Rap became a part of his life as a teenager, when he and his brother formed the hip-hop group, Clipse. Shortly after forming the group, they rap duo met Pharrell, who helped them secure a deal with Elektra Records and eventually Artista Records. Hit albums are nothing knew for the rap veteran as the 2006 Clipse album, “Hell Hath No Fury,” received critical acclaim and an XXL rating of 5 stars from hip-hop magazine XXL.

Following his departure of Clipse, Pusha T embarked on a solo career, signing with GOOD Music in September 2010. From being featured on numerous rap projects, including Kanye West’s Runaway, it became evident that the Virginia native was making a name for himself. When 2012 arrived the smash record, “Mercy” by GOOD Music, featured Push and was immersed in radio play creating buzz around the rapper’s name. Swerve!

Despite having numerous Billboard charting projects and appearances at Coachella, nothing will ever be more controversial than the release of his third studio album, “DAYTONA.” From an $85,000 album cover showing the bathroom of the late icon Whitney Houston, to revealing Drake’s secret son, you can’t tell me this man hasn’t made himself known. Thanks to his phenomenal work on this album, he was also named the "Best Rapper Alive" by Complex in 2018 for his work on Daytona and diss track “The Story of Adidon.” From discussing the acclaim his Grammy-nominated album has received, Pusha T stated, “‘DAYTONA’ is the product of me just trying to do something that I felt like others haven’t done at this stage in their career.”

Fun Fact: It has been reported that Pusha T created the McDonald’s jingle, “I’m Lovin It”.

Besides music, Pusha T is also an advocate for prison reform, stating “mass incarceration is probably the single most pressing issue that I’ve seen affect my demographic, my people, my culture. I’ve lived through it.” From creating a PSA to bringing awareness through televised interviews, he continues his journey to help end social injustice and mass incarceration.

And while you are staying up all night anticipating CUSE Can!, play this bop on repeat, cause if you know you know (sorry, I had to):

By Desjah Altvater