Here are UU’s helpful tips for how to overcome the Internet surpassing cable television as most popular entertainment platform!

Just a few decades ago, the world was chanting along to The Buggles’ “Video Killed the Radio Star.” But in 2019, there is a new phrase that perfectly reflects our times: “Internet killed the TV Star.” When someone asks you what shows you like to watch, I bet that you will name all of the programs you watch on streaming services. Just a few years ago, one would have to turn on cable television to watch a show or a movie, unless they had a physical copy, but not anymore because you can watch anything at any time thanks to streaming. Cause, like, what even is cable?

The art of streaming is so complex and rewarding that competitive industries are unsure on how to keep up. Streaming has completely revolutionized the motion picture industry — whether it be shows, films, or music videos.

Because UU wants the best for you, here is a list of which videos streaming platforms are best and what to watch:

1. NETFLIX (unless you are looking for Disney movies, then, sorry) $8/month


You can literally watch almost anything your heart desires on Netflix, so please, do yourself a favor a get a subscription if you haven’t (start off with the free-trial). Netflix has:

Stranger Things

Bird Box

Big Mouth


Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened

Orange Is The New Black

2.   HULU $6/month


Hulu is the best streaming service when you are looking for television show that can normally be found on cable.

The Handmaid’s Tale

This Is Us

Rick and Morty

Saturday Night Live


Brooklyn Nine-Nine

South Park

How To Get Away With Murder

3. Youtube and Vevo


Remember the good ole’ days of watching your favorite music videos on MTV in 2010, early in the morning before school, or on VH1? While many of you may not actually go on Vevo, without the service we wouldn’t receive the official artist music videos that we watch on YouTube. Vevo is actually responsible for issuing newly released music videos from your favorite musicians. With their partnership with YouTube, viewers just have to subscribe to their favorite artists’ YouTube channel to access Vevo content. If you haven’t spent at least eight hours on a free Saturday night watching endless YouTube videos and making your way into the dark side of YouTube, then you’re doing life wrong. From music videos and live broadcasts to nostalgic programs and DIY tutorials, you can literally watch anything on YouTube.

While the internet may have killed TV, it has also opened up a world of cheap possibilities. Oh, internet, what would we do without you.

By Desjah Altvater