You think you know her, but you really don't…Comedy Queen. Los Angeles Native. Hustler.

Tiffany Haddish was born to be a star, I mean she’s from Los Angeles after all. However, the beautiful city where dreams are made of was not the kindest to her. After her mother suffered an accident causing brain damage and schizophrenia, being the oldest, Haddish stepped into the role of primary caretaker for her siblings at the age of nine. Then, reaching the beginning stages of puberty at age twelve, she was placed into foster care where she used comedy to help her cope with meeting new people. After masking her pain with laughter for years, at the age of seventeen, she attended the Laugh Factory Comedy Camp which cultivated her desire to take the comedic career route.

While it may seem as if Haddish came onto the scene abruptly, her success has been anything but overnight. Twenty years of stand up shows in comedy clubs, odd side jobs, recurring roles, and uncertainty led to her breakout role in the 2017 comedy, Girls Trip. Ever since playing her popular character Dina, she has starred in The Carmichael Show, Nobody’s FoolUncle Drew, and Night School. On November 11, 2017 Haddish became the first Black female stand-up comic to host Saturday Night Live, and has hosted the 2018 MTV Movie and TV awards. Keep a look out for her reported debut album too.

Though Haddish considers her career “a delicious roasted chicken,” she has many more goals that she aims to accomplish into the future, hopefully turning her chicken into a feast. From admiring Oprah, Haddish aims to build a similar empire that will allow her to be an entertainer while giving back. She recently founded her own production company, She Ready Productions, and has signed a first-look deal with HBO. Haddish also aims to make fifty films by the time she turns fifty, and with eleven more years to go, nothing is impossible for this comedy queen. Another major goal of hers is to give back, previously stating "I want to open up a youth center, a mental health center, and a job training center.”

Despite the massive success that Tiffany Haddish has garnished under her belt, she is still a humble woman from modest beginnings who hasn’t forgotten where she came from. I mean, what other celebrity do you know proudly uses Groupon and has worn the same dress to numerous televised events because it was $4,000 and she demands the bang for her buck?

My point exactly.

Whether or not she will own two intersecting streets and name one “Tiffany” and the other “Haddish” it should be obvious by now that she has made her mark. And to all of the opportunities and possible dates with Leonardo DiCaprio that comes her way…

To support Haddish, donate your new or gently used backpack, suitcase or duffle bag to be entered for the chance to attend a Meet & Greet following her April 6th performance. Donations will be collected on April 3rd and 4th from 2-6pm and April 5th from 10-6pm in the University Union office near the SA and FASA office.

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By Desjah Altvater