According to Whethan, a wallflower is “someone who feels kind of alone or shy, has no one really to dance with at a party." And, he admits that he feels like one sometimes. However, don’t mistake this awkward producer for anything less than talented. When he isn’t keeping to himself, Whethan is playing to sold-out shows across the country and curating the best vibes from his laptop.

Whethan first became interested in music during middle school when he heard his friend rapping. The production of music followed when he began “messing around” with Garageband on his iPad. Whethan first began releasing remixes and edits on SoundCloud in 2016, and at the ripe age of 16 years old, he became the youngest producer to release a record on the Australian EDM label, Future Classic. After developing within his craft, he caught the attention of dubstep pioneer, Skrillex.

At 19 years old, Whethan is proving himself to be a legend in the making. His music is often categorized as indie/EDM, but he himself is considered colorful. In November of 2018, the producer released his debut EP, “Life Of A Wallflower Vol. 1”, that is the perfect combination of abstract, intoxication, and softness.

Check out “Life of a Wallflower Vol. 1” here and come to Mayfest tomorrow to see Whethan perform!

By Desjáh Altvater