Adult Mom has the indie rock dream origin story. As the stage name of Steph Knipe, an artist who attended Purchase College, Adult Mom started with the release of their EP “bedroom recordings” on Bandcamp in 2012. As the name suggests, Knipe recorded the EP in their bedroom after feeling inspired one night. Thus, began Adult Mom, a project that has continued with a slew of self-released EPs to two full-length albums on the label Tiny Engines.

Adult Mom captures the beauty and depth of small moments. From the smell of Old Spice left on a jacket to a winter’s snow to heating up frozen mac and cheese, Adult Mom’s lyrics are a look at old memories with nostalgia over the lines of their guitar. Comparisons to Frankie Cosmos and Cyberbully Mom Club are often brought up, but Adult Mom is more than those comparisons. Their music is a paradox of bouncy instrumentals and introspective lyrics that melds together to create indie rock that’s perfect for driving around on a summer day or dancing to in Walnut Park during Mayfest! It’s refreshing to see an act so honest. Knipe sings frankly about adolescence in a way that is genuine; they speak from their own experience on love, exploring one’s identity, and all the messiness that comes with growing up.

Knipe has always been musical. Their dad and uncles were musicians and they grew up performing in local musical theatre company’s productions. They began playing guitar at 15, long before they became Adult Mom. The name Adult Mom stems from Knipe being the “mom friend” of their group, and not being quite sure if they even feel like an adult or a mom. Over the years, Knipe has grown up, but they haven’t lost the introspection and youthful candor that makes them so incredibly gripping.

Over the years, Adult Mom has toured tirelessly, building up a following naturally and growing into their own skin. They’re able to write their own narrative, turning experiences of heartbreak and pain into projects that allow you to listen to and understand. Growing up is scary, discovering yourself is scary, and Adult Mom feels that too. In the words of Knipe themselves, their music is about “growth and acceptance… growth, acceptance, and recovery.” Want to know where to start with Adult Mom? There’s “Survival,” a song about coming out and not fitting in, or “Ode To One Night Stands,” which is about exactly what the name suggests, or fan favorite “Be Your Own 3am,” a testament to loneliness in winter.

Don’t miss Adult Mom perform at Mayfest this Friday in Walnut Park!

By Mackenzie Glaubitz